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Ask your questions about Xonotic here

Nice talking to you this morning. My servers all start with "GamePlayer Club" other than my clan server...
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(11-01-2018, 04:35 AM)MarisaG Wrote: Nice talking to you this morning. My servers all start with "GamePlayer Club" other than my clan server...

Same here well not the server names.
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Thanks for your replies, but now i have a second pack of questions:
  1. Where can I found detailed information about weapons stats like damage/reload time/projectile speed/splash radius/etc?
  2. I saw some new weapon models (crylink/electro/shotgun/vortex) on jeff servers and i really like them. How can i use this models on other servers/localhost too?
  3. Is it possible to run xonotic and jump to specific server via some commandline option like ./xonotic -connect
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  1. Cvar values are listed in CACS - you can refine the search to find only the weaps you care about (CACS shows 0.8.2 values, if you're on git, you might wanna use `apropos g_balance` in console, the `search` command works too). Most of the cvars don't have descriptions though, hopefully the names are descriptive enough. If not, test what they do (but keep in mind they take up to 5 s to take effect.
  2. Some of the new models are in git/autobuilds, for the others you have to find which pk3 they come from and copy it from your dlcache one directory up (into ~/.xonotic/data or equivalent)
  3. Yes, xonotic has a `connect` command usable in console, it takes IP and port as you specified. To launch xon with such cvars/aliases/commands, prefix them with `+` (stuff prefixed with `-` is treated as parameters to the engine) - e.g. `./xonotic +connect IP:port`
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<packer> when i see martin-t's name my blood pressure increases

<[BOT]Hоtdоg> anyone here lives near martin?
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Is there a way to have "colored" weapon models? Basically i wanna picmip only the weapons like similar to Quake Champions. I still have trouble to sometimes tell the difference by the looks and personally i'm no fan of the simple symbols neither.

Afaik the weapons inherit the colors that you set to your player model, so that they match. That's why they're gray/colorless by default. In team games also, the weapons inherit the team color of the holder.

Thank you but that isn't what i meant. Take a look at that image. You see the Rocketlauncher colored in red before pickup (other weapons have different colors). I think that's a nice feature to to distinguish weapons. I know that there is an option for "simple items" and that's nice but i really like the way it is handled in Quake Champions. Would be nice to have smth similar in Xon. Maybe there is a way to edit those textures myself and just color them differently? It also would help recognizing the Weapon of an Opponent.
[Image: Quake-Champions-Beta-Shot-(5).jpg]

The game certainly supports models like that from a technical perspective, but we don't have any. Feel free to create a feature request for this on GitLab, but I have no idea who can do that work besides Morphed, who is already incredibly busy.
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That would not necessarily require Morphed's help, because you can already change the weapon colors right? It's just bound to your player model color for whatever reason and you don't have the faculties to change the colors of individual weapons. There should perhaps be more customization options for player/weapon models in general. Fullbright needs to be done properly, for instance. Both for weapons and models:

[Image: 7_fbfbw.png]

I don't personally like the way Quake color codes the weapons, because I don't like there being that many different colors on the hud/map - but I can see why some might like the option for it.

@Smile - sure, we could do something to give rough-grained colors to the weapons using the knobs we already have. I was referring more to the overall high quality of the ones in the screenshot, which seem to require more modeling work.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

Hi all! Just wondering what's the best time to log on for multiplayer. So far most my games have been with at most a few people, but would love to get on when there's lots of people playing. Is there a block of time most people seem to play?

Checkout this post by Antibody:

(01-15-2019, 07:30 AM)It\sMe Wrote: Checkout this post by Antibody:

Awesome! Thanks, this helps a lot!

I introduced some of my friends to Xonotic, and to my surprise, they actually tried it out. I'm wondering, why can't we copy Nexiuz's tutorial? A lot of basics of this game, like strafejumping and rocket curving, that are crucial to the game but there is no way for new players to find it out.
[Image: 5365.png]
[Image: 126092.png]


There is a tutorial project discussed on this thread:

There haven't been any progress lately but I didn't give up on this, once I have some time I will continue working on this tutorial ^^
Anyone who is willing to contribute is more than welcome, the tutorial branches are hosted on the official Xonotic gitlab repositories Wink
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Movement and most of the weapon behaviors are different in Nexuiz, that's why it's not copied over. Movement in Nexuiz was actually closer to QW/source games than Q3 in terms of physics.

How to go to level 15? I play very long 14.

Use Shift+ESC to open console and type
g_campaignxonoticbeta_index 14
and hit Return.
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Hi i'm using xonotic behind proxy. I don't know if xonotic support http proxy and if is supported how can I config. thanx.

Idea how big would the zip download(s) of Xonotic be if it was split into 3 downloads for mac, PC and linux?

Only a small part (size wise) of the zip is platform dependend. Music, textures, models and other assets as well as the game logic are OS independend. I'd guess that the size reduction would be less than 40MB.

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