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[SOLVED] "Instant action! (random map with bots)" button does not work.

Whenever I press this button in the "Singleplayer" menu of Xonotic, nothing happens. The game stays in the menu and I can navigate around normally, but no random map with bots is created.

It works in "Vore Tournament" without a problem, so I believe it's an Xonotic-related issue. However, I decided to post it here anyway because the bug report topic says to ask for support here first.

No, it's not a big issue because I can just create a map under multiplayer, but it doesn't really look professional, so to say, and I want my favorite game to look as professional as possible once it reaches the final release Tongue

It's because no .instantaction files (the file needed to set up a instant game) have been written for any of the maps.
[Image: 370.png] AKA [~] John Smith on Nexuiz

Ah, so the button is just a placeholder? Understood.

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