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Your first computer?

[Image: dsc02173sm.jpg]

Painted the case myself :p Had an AMD K6-2, 350mhz (that we later upgraded to a 450, and I overclocked to 550 :p), 128mb ram and a Voodoo 3. Grew up playing games like battlezone, rogue spear, quake 2, wing commander... some others I can't remember. Ran Windows 98se, good times Smile I'm 20 years old, so I at least remember floppy disks! Any old timers have some computer stories for us?


My friend had a Sanyo computer it was weird!
[Image: foxtrotcproggry.jpg]

My first computer was one that my grandma put together out of spare parts she had lying around. Forgot the exact specs of it, but it ran Windows 95 and had about 16MB of RAM and I believe a 4MB S3 Virge PCI card. Believe it or not, I managed to run Unreal Tournament on it. My second one was also built by my grandma shortly after the first one blew up lol It had 32 MB of RAM, an AMD K6, and an ATI Rage Pro AGP 8MB card and ran Windows 98. Fun times playing Unreal and Unreal Tournament at 20+ fps and at 512 X 384 res! (no really, it blew me away), especially considering how choppy PS1 games ran (some of the ones I still play only do about 15fps!) and how bad they looked in comparison, I thought it looked realistic as hell.

Oh wait.

Can't remember, really. I think it had like some < hundred MB disk, a Pentium processor, about 16 MB RAM and no games except some DOS ones, and a Myst clone. Fun times.
(08-10-2012, 02:37 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: Cloud is the new Web 2.0. It makes no damn sense to me.

Speaking of my own first computer, or the one I've used to do stuff on? Smile
Because the first computer I've ever touched, and played tons of hours on, was a good 'ol Commodore 64 Smile Giana Sisters, Pit Stop 1/2, Elite, Ghost Busters, Commando, Bionic Commando and tons of others Big Grin

Later, we had an old XT, some kinda P4 (I only thing I remember that it had a Tomato MOBO, and always crashed under Worms2 Sad ), another Celeron powered stuff (with Geforce2 MX).

After that, I've bought my first own pc. I still have the case, and it houses my current rig.
MB:: P4 Gigabyte 8N-SLI S775 DDr2 PCI-E
CPU: Celeron D 3000/533 S775
RAM: 512/533 MB DDR II
Optical: DVD R+RW LG GSA H10
VGA: Gigabyte NX73G128D-HR 7300 GS 128MB
Tv-Tuner: Leadtek Winfast2000XP (with remote control)
House: Midi ATX P4 Codegen 6102L CA 300W
(these are the specs of the my first pc)
[Image: 561.png]
"One should strive to achieve; not sit in bitter regret."

me and mintox had a commodore 64 (yay!) , but ill need my bro to name the computer game thingo we had before that , was some tennis and shooting game thingo....



Pentium III 400mhz Slot Model A < Awesome!
128MB DDR 200mhz
GeForce 2 MX400 64MB < Bought this one myself

It was never able to play Nexuiz... Sad Silvercity was unplayable. I did play Lego Creators and RCT2 on it.

First computer... I cant even remember. I think it was some 100mhz Intel contraption. What was it... ah. A 486. I could play total annihilation and maybe quake 2 I think. Good times. Had an amiga before that too which was good fun.
Hey, want to learn to map? You might want to start here and here!

I believe my first computer would be this massive, custom-built IBM PC that my parents had put together long ago. At the time, I thought of it as a giant, beige monolith. Big Grin It had an Intel Pentium III, 256MB of RAM, a 10GB(?) HDD, two floppy drives, and one slow CD drive. As far as I can remember, it ran Windows 95 (revision B), and was later upgraded to Windows 2000.

I was six or seven years old then. Thunder Brigade was my first first person shooter... anyone remember that game?

Amstrad 664, 64 KB of RAM, and ... a .... floppy disc drive!

IBM PS/1 with Windows 3.1! Back then when you called IBM tech support you actually got a person on the line - I'm sure those guys loved talking with mini-Antibody at the time Big Grin
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(06-20-2011, 08:58 AM)Antibody Wrote: IBM PS/1 with Windows 3.1! Back then when you called IBM tech support you actually got a person on the line - I'm sure those guys loved talking with mini-Antibody at the time Big Grin

Part of the reason they moved the call centers to India no doubt Tongue

My first Computer was an Compaq that had the Y2K ready stickers on the case lol it had an AMD k6 400 MHz cpu 128 mb ram 10 gb hdd and a floppy drive that I never used.
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I was like 4 years old when our family got the first PC. All I can remember is that it had Win 95. Don't ask about the processor etc, because I had no idea about those when we bought that.

MY first personal computer was self-built in 2006 or 2007, can't remember acoordingly. All I can remember is that I used mainly old components, like some AMD dualcore processor and ATI X800 GPU. I can't remember which kind of components I used...

I feel old as my first PC had a NEC V40 (Intel 8088 compatible) CPU and two modern 720 kByte 3'1/5 floppy drives. If I remember correctly the operating system was MS-DOS 3.1 or a close version. Tongue
Ciao Smile

I remember my Dad bringing home an IBM AT with a 10Mb hard disk and an earthshattering 20Mb tape streamer. We had no games at the time but watching Norton Speeddisk was the most amazing thing! The little crocodile went along munching all the clusters!

The first computer I owned myself was a P90 that someone I worked with threw away. I had the whole thing and it was mine!
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My first computer was an IBM 5150 and I loved it. Around the same time I got a Commodore 64 also. I had nearly every peripheral for the commodore as well including the KoalaPad which I loved. I sold it all some time ago but regret it and hope to obtain it all again.

[Image: 5150.jpg]
[Image: C64_Koala_Painter.png]

I seem to be having trouble embedding videos yet but here is a link to a funny little commercial on one of my favorite things ever Smile
My father had "Tennis for Two":
[Image: SavageFinal-1.jpg]

My first PC was:
Pentium 3 800Mhz
Geforce MX400 something like, i forget, model from 2001 year
128 mb ram Big Grin
W98, then ME and then XP.

[Image: 132]

Without floppy drive :3
chooksta Wrote:640t ought to be enuf for antibody
- microsoft windows

P-II @ 350 MHz, although I started playing with overclocking quite early for a novice and set it to 433 MHz or so. Plus Riva TNT2 and 256 Mb RAM, that was just the minimum for running Counter-Strike (and later Half-Life), my first game, more or less smoothly. That was the game that also, by pure accident, got me into mapping.


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