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Your history as a fps-player?

Because this game is still quite young and has a small community, i wish to know a little more about the players history.
So the main question is:
What's the first (FPS) game where you started your "career"?
A short summary of your gaming history. Big Grin

Wolfenstein 3D, later Doom 2, Alien Quake (yes I played a Q1 mod instead of the full game first, those were the dark ages of gaming in my country & I was still a kid & Quake was so much different than all the previous fpses that I knew so I couldn't get into it at first), Chasm, after that was Quake 2, but I switched to Q1 when I got to know it better. Later came Unreal and Unreal Tournament was finally something that managed to get me away from Q1. My memory begins to get fuzzy at this point... I played a lot of single player fpses at that time - Shogo, Half-Life, some way old fpses too but it that was just finishing the game and getting another one. Then UT2004 came and got me occupied for a few years. Seeing the flood of CS and CoD like fpses I started to look more into the FLOSS fps games. Then I found Nexuiz & loved every bit of it as it was the best of Q1 and UT combined.

Now I enjoy Xonotic, some OpenArena and AlienArena from time to time and I fire UT2k4 once in a while.
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Hi! I think the offtopic section is more suited to this discussion. I'm moving the thread there.

EDIT: I played Nexuiz for a few minutes, then Tremulous during a few months, then back to Nexuiz.

About myself. My first REAL touch of gaming started from the very first demo of unreal tournament.
Next I started to play UT's mod called tactical ops, which years later became a fully independent game.
After years of playing i reached to join our national team.
Along with tactical ops and UT i had fun with Q3, UT2k4, CS, CS Source, and so on.. =)
Then all of a sudden I just stopped.
For now, some years later i found the love for gaming once again. (xonotic ;] )

Quake 3 on lans from 1999, few years later when I had a decent internet connection also UT99 (mainly instagib) and CS. Also a lot of RA3 and CA from there on till about 2005. Then had a break until mid 2008 when I discovered that lovely little game called nexuiz and its minstagib mod. Got back into quake in 2009 with Quake Live and spent way too much time there. Being playing xonotic all weapons mod from December 2011 till now.

I played Wolfenstein and Doom when I was a little kid (around 5), and occasionally played Quake with my cousins (good times in co-op nightmare) and didn't play any again FPS's until My friend bought me the Orange box and I played through Half Life 2. Then I found Nexuiz and just farted around with it, but I was too easily destroyed by skilled players so I mostly played Open Arena , until the split. Now I play Xonotic, OpenArena and Urban Terror. and this is why I'm so bad Tongue

Doom and ROTT (Rise Of The Triads)

Very, very long pause....

Nexuiz, Xonotic

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Not sure if that counts? Descent (I, II and 3), then a very little bit of UT2004, and then I found Nexuiz. Ever since my first contact to the Nexuiz community I lost pretty much all interest for other games.
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sep 2005 - 2009 - quake 3 osp, vq3, cpm
may 2007 - now - warsow
jan 2012 - now - xonotic

doom/heretic/rott/wolfenstein/descent -> quake2/perfectdark -> quake3 -> halo/painkiller/doom3/quake4/serioussam/halflife2 -> nexuiz -> tf2 -> xonotic

it all sort of blends together. order & timeframes are kind of open to interpretation, as most of my memory of this stuff swirls around in a toilet bowl in my brain.


Used to watch/play Halo round my friends' houses.

I only started playing first person shooters around the mid 2000s.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 was the first FPS I owned. Played it for 2-3 years. It's my all time favourite!

I then got Crysis Maximum Edition and loved it. Got a new PC in 2009 to play it. And then another in 2010 because that one wasn't good enough! Lol.

Then I got Halo 1 + 2, Fallout 3, Far Cry 2, BFBC2, Crysis 2, Battlefield 3 and only now have I got my hands on the lovely Orange Box!

Basically it started with the PerfectDark release.

Playing Nexuiz/Xonotic since 2006, no other games beside that except some "sidekicks". Tongue

Battlefield Vietnam, Star Wars Roque Agent, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Goldeneye 007, TimeSplitters and others on LANs.

Also UrbanTerror were I made it to the tutorial video and then got bored. Big Grin

Another Star Wars Battlefront 2 player! Yay! Big Grin

My history actually goes back to about 1994 with Wolfenstein 3d (lol a little violent for five year olds don't you think) on my uncle's computer, though I didn't start playing them seriously until after GoldenEye 007 hit the streets and me and all the other kids would crowd around my friend's TV doing splitscreen multiplayer. By the time FPS exploded in popularity I was playing just about every big name FPS out there with some of my favorites being Perfect Dark, Turok 2, Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Doom, and Escape from Butcher Bay.

Oh wait.

Played little bit of Battlefield Bad Company 2 & Call of Duty MW2 on my brother's Xbox.

Then I found Cube 2 and Red Eclipse, which I played for a long time, Cube 2 which I played quite competivly.

Then found Xonotic and played it since then. Smile

Short version: I came, I saw, I conquered.

Long version:

Started off with a bit of HL DM, after seeing the son of parents friends playing it, then I got a slice of UT on his computer bought it for me own then started playing that back in 2000/2001, was a noob and joined a clan got owned by much better teams, improved and then moved on. Started playing instagib and ictf a lot, although I always liked normal weapons. Played in a few ictf team's had some mixed success, then moved over to normal weapons again as well and got a lot better. Played UT2003 when it came out, improved even more and eventually joined 7thday, played in Nations Cup on Clanbase for a season for TDM at the back end of UT2003, played UT2004 for a few years with 7thday (although we were inactive as a team but most were nations cup players at some point) till it started getting less active and then someone showed me Nexuiz.

It was fun and aweful at the same time due to how bad the netcode was when it first came out. Stuck with it and continued playing ever since, got back into duelling again after a brief spell in UT2004 and it's my preferred game-mode ever since, now i'm at Xonotic

I still play UT now and again, like every 2 months or something with a clan i'm in.
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Short story:

In september 2010 a friend of mine showed me Nexuiz, I liked and downloaded it, and played a lot of minsta+hook ctf, then Xonotic 0.1 released and since that day Xonotic is my main game.

Recently also played a bit of TF2. And I will most likely also play some Planetside2 when it releases.

bzflag (not very fast though)
a few pathetic dabbles with alien arena

daphron told me about nexuiz ...
I never installed it ...
1 year later I found it while scrolling through ubuntu's repository
heard about xonotic somehow
tried version 0.1 (performance issues)
hated it
played more nexuiz
phased out for a while
found xonotic was at 0.5

neeeee ^^

really hard to list all of it, I will only list those that I really like/d

Duke Nukem 3D
Half Life + Counter Strike
Battlefield 1942 + Galactic Conquest mod (Battlefront is ok, but I never fully embraced it for SW inconsistencies, cheapness and arcadish gameplay. Also BF1 was better )
Operation Flashpoint
Jedi Outcast/Academy
------------------------ broadband@home
Chaser (obscure game)
Half Life 2 & friends+Firearms Source + Pirates,Vikings&Knights 2
Arma 1,2
Nexuiz (no idea which version, I remember old shotgun model)


First was probably Wolfenstain 3D or Doom1
Then years later i played Sauerbriten(Cube2), Alien arena, Warsaw, Tremulous, errr Return to Castle Wolfenstain, Open Arena, Nexiuz, FreeDoom, Asasin Cube Wolfenstain: Enemy Territory, Xonotic, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

Maybee somthing else Quake3 based.

As you see I am id fan!

Also BZflag and ZeroBallistics
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Wolfenstein, Doom, Duke3D

then Unreal, UT'99, Quake 3, maybe some Serious Sam later.

then Unreal 2, Doom 3, Quake 4 (rather briefly as they were meh), Jedi Outcast, F. E. A. R., HL2 + CS: S (longer), UT2k3/2k4, Digital Paint: Paintball 2, Painkiller series (for a good while).

then some UT3 and CoD4, some more Painkiller series and a bit of OpenArena and Sauerbraten.

then pretty much Nexuiz 2.5.2 to Xonotic. And some Warsow. And a bit of DNF, which was pretty meh.

It all started with Nexuiz in the early 2009. Then, in 2010 i got bored and changed to CoD series and Wolfenstein(the new one). Played them all. Then moved to Nexuiz again, then Xonotic. Again, i got bored. I changed to many Quake Engine games. I started with Quake 1, then DarkPlaces, Quake 2, Quake 3, Alien Arena, Star Trek : Elite Force 1 & 2, OpenArena, Quake 4, Half-Life 2, DOOM 1 & 2 and also the UT series. All of them . Then i got back to Nexuiz and Xonotic.
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Doom I/II -> Nexuiz (March 2010) -> Xonotic (~June 2010 onwards)

Also if you're interested in more player history, you might like checking out my player interview series here:
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early in 2010: Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy (mainly SP), also began mapping at that time (still playing and mapping a bit till now)
summer 2010: found out about Nexuiz, played it for some months with a friend as complete noobs, forgot about it for several months and switched to Quake Wars, then played again
winter 2010: at the same time I went on with playing Nexuiz again I found out about Xonotic, moved to it, also continued there with mapping
may 2011: played BRINK since the release a lot but sadly nobody plays it online (only esports games exist)
since 2012: Red Orchestra 2, great game, very tactical, lot of fun with friends

also played:
older Jedi Knight games
the whole Half-Life series (still playing now and then)
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Urban Terror
UT 2004
MW3 (only the free weekend, was crap)

(07-12-2012, 11:07 AM)Maddin Wrote: since 2012: Red Orchestra 2, great game, very tactical, lot of fun with friends

is anyone still playing it? oh my, there were some serious issues when they released it at first, tons of patches, rarely fixing what was supposed to be fixed, tons of complaints and flames at devs and tons of players leaving it.

But it was several months ago, when i stopped playing it too because of empty servers.

It was making me really sad, considering the fact that RO1 was one of the best games i've ever played and i was playing it regulary for about 3 years (before switching to nexuiz)

well, maybe i should install RO2 again to give it a second chance?
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