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How do I create IQM player models for Xonotic?

Hi all,
Since the switch to Xonotic it appears that the preferred character model format is IQM. There are IQM tools available online but nowhere is an explanation of how to make a new character model for xonotic specifically. Please help.

the rig /animation process should be the same as the one linked here

hope that helps a bit.

Note that the IQM exporter has been updated recently and you will need a recent Xonotic build to use the exported .iqm in Xonotic. I suggest either using Xonotic Git or autobuilds.

The Blender to IQM tutorial is pretty straightforward, except the example model and framegroups are a bit outdated, I will try to update that page asap with something more recent.

Feel free to ask any questions, I'm currently updating all player models with new animations and doing other minor tweaks, so I know my way around the workflow.

Am I to take it that the work flow is based on exporting meshes and animations separately before compiling into iqe?

No, the workflow is as simple as selecting the mesh and armature in object mode, clicking Export/Inter-quake Model, entering the list of animations (seperated by commas) and choosing path to save file. Smile

You will need a .framegroups file for you model, you can look at other models for examples. I will update the wiki later to explain a bit more how that works.
Oh, are you a modeler or animator? Or both?

If you are an animator, keep in mind that things are changing very quickly as more features are added almost every other week. There is now a melee animation and more animations are being added. You might want to keep in touch on irc or pm me sometimes so you can be updated on what animations are needed or anything like that.

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