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We need more alien and robot player models!

First of all, I'm not saying "do them now!". I'm just saying an opinion on the direction and aim regarding player models in Xonotic.

We have several good human players by now (Ignis, Umbra, Erebus, Pyria). But IMO, Xonotic badly lacks aliens and robots! Which I personally find an issue as bad as the lack of default maps.

For aliens, there's currently just one model in master (the Gak). I'm working on another (Draconi, see its thread here) which I need help finishing. So far, no one's jumped in to fix the remaining issues I listed, although someone did a few tweak. I'm still waiting for help with that model, and would highly appreciate any. I'm a supporter of furry-themed alien players (like Nexuiz had the Lycan, though not as scary as that). Though weirder creatures like the Gak also make a lot of sense, and are a great diversion between alien types.

For robots, Xonotic has none so far. And when I say robot, I mean fully robot, not cyborgs or people in fancy armor with radio voices (like the Erebus). Someone made a very good robot model years ago called Ubot (still available in an opengameart thread). But once again, no one's adapted it to Nexuiz or Xonotic yet, although the mesh and texture have been ready for years AFAIK.

We also need real robot and alien voices. That IS something I can attempt to make, as I made voice packs for several games in my time. I shall do this once some suitable models are created for them. The current voice for robots sounds like someone talking through a speaker, not a real digital / cybernetic voice. And the alien one is just someone going "Aaaaaahhhhh" all the time, without saying any real words (except for commands and friendly fire voices).

Gender wise, I would imagine robots and aliens coming in both male and female variants. For aliens, most species are naturally such. Being aliens, some can even have other genders too Blush For robots... people theoretically manufacture them to represent people, so any gender would work here as well. A female robot voice should be easy to make with a bunch of filters, and maybe same for alien.

I'm a bad modeler, and could barely modify the Gak into the Draconi I'm making. So I'm posting this with the hope that someone can attempt to fill this gap, and the artists who made the existing models may once again rise. Let me know what you think, and if anyone believes they could come to the rescue.

Maybe for the aliens the phrases in english could be done predator style having been recorded and played back. Aside from that, you could always make up a few gibberish alien words for curses etc.

I think the robot should have a reverse sound. Y'know "beep... beep... beep" for when it dies hehe. For some of the robot speech you could string together series of beeps or sound clips taken from other stuff and string them together to make up phrases. Kinda similar to the predator idea I guess.
Hey, want to learn to map? You might want to start here and here!

Make a remake of this one! Big Grin
[Image: ShockTrooper.jpg]

A true thing.
Something I liked a lot about nexuiz was the (brutal, simple and ugly) Alien-OuterSpace-Models Tongue

Why not to have it here, too? Personally, I wouldnt say I would dislike some more Cyborgs
Anyway, most here depends on the modeler^^

I've had to play using Erebus now that Quark is gone. A new robot model would be very nice Smile
[Image: 370.png] AKA [~] John Smith on Nexuiz

Yes, Quark remake!!! How can one be a PinkRobot without one Tongue
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(04-08-2011, 12:41 PM)PinkRobot Wrote: Yes, Quark remake!!!

Sounds good! Couldn't the UBot qualify as that however? It looks fairly similar.

Yes! We really need a robot model. I play with Erebus now, but he is a cyborg. I like the TR0N style light.

Yes we need at least one purely robot model, however UBot is far to cartoony and disproportional for the hitboxes. In fact I think that's why a lot of people picked Quark, because it was skinny and had hardly any glow (more tactical).

Of course, keep in mind I played with the insurrectionist and now play with the glowing erebus and "color 15" on Big Grin

Speaking of predator, I was thinking a head similar to predator's would be appropriate on a robot (they probably would not use "eyes" as we think of them, more likely laser range finders and thermal imaging). Although I have not seen the movie, just the cover Tongue

Is there a port of the Quark model for Xonotic? I could use it till the new robot is made.

Glad to see this thread getting more active! Not sure about the Quark model though. Perhaps it can be adapted to iqm and Xonotic's new animations. But it's still a low quality model I think, even if re-textured entirely. So I dunno about that. I believe we should make new models really.

BTW. I'm having some fun with Blender for the last days, and was looking around for models I could use in it. I happened to come across a pretty good robot model, that could make a nice Xonotic player from the way it looks. It's licensed as CC-BY, which I imagine is GPL compatible (as GPL also requires crediting the author). Link here. What do you think?

I think that would be an excellent robot model to go with. Definitely check with the author on it possibly being put into Xonotic.

Yes, I agree Smile Just took a look at the blend file. It would need to be adapted to a Xonotic animation skeleton, and possibly tweaked in a few other ways. But other than that, it should be a very good one.

As for including it, the author released it as CC-BY. I'm pretty sure that should work with GPL, and can be included with it. As GPL requires to release the source, but also to credit the author. So I don't see why not.

I didn't download it, but I'm guessing the only thing we could use would be the mesh, because it would need to be retextured (so as to use textures and not materials). Also as MirceaKitsune pointed out we would also need to re-rig and animate it.

Or we could use Morphed's Tongue

It's okay but it's still nothing like Quark.

Not sure if it would need to be re-textured. The textures are applied as materials. But if the UV mapping is correct, we just set the texture path in the exporter and it will use that instead.

Texture resolution would be my biggest concern. If it's not at least 1024 x 1024, the texture is useless for Xonotic IMO. The mesh however should be fine regardless.

Obviously still a WIP.
I stole the hands and feet from erebus Tongue

Next on the list is to get the knees looking better with a bit more mass, the give some of the torso rings thickness, etc etc.

Is this like what you were thinking?

Also I'm awful at rigging, texturing, animating, exporting, etc. so somebody will have to take initiative if they want this tested in game.

The model is going to have to be thicker if you want it included officially. Nifrek has recently started to increase the thickness of models so it takes up more space in the bbox.

It looks ok. The body is probably a bit odd, but I like the head. I'd suggest making the torso and limbs look a bit more mechanical though. With spaces / holes in them, and some wires there too. Regardless, glad to see some work being done on this Smile

As for someone else taking initiative, I wouldn't hope much. I'm asking everyone for half an year to take care of my own player model, and no one has looked into it yet :/

Been a while, but I thought to post about this here. I was playing on the public [MON] server, which seems to have several mods. I've come across some beautiful robot models made by Morphed, which seem to be of great quality so far... almost better than Erebus! They aren't properly textured yet though, and I don't know if he plans to release them for official inclusion. If anyone wishes to see them, the server is (it's in the server list so I hope this info was ok to post).

They were at least inspiring for me, and MAYBE I will try to modify some existing models into good robots sometime. After my match on that server however, I can clearly state that the models and looks of both players and weapons change everything. Good players and guns can make Xonotic feel many times more awesome, if done properly. This is why I wish there were more people who could put effort into this for official assets.

Those models on that server are actually part of a complete mod (stand-alone game?) with greatly changed gameplay... definitely looking forward to that game!

"Complete mod" sounds like a bit of an exaggerationm and its definitly no standalone game, far from it - its abt 650 lines of code (eg quite small) using Xonotics "mutator system" achieve those game-play changes relativity easily and w/o messing around all over the code-base.

Model sources will be made available along with every thing else, so someone keen on giving them proper texturing would be able to do so.

(10-29-2011, 01:44 AM)tZork Wrote: Model sources will be made available along with every thing else, so someone keen on giving them proper texturing would be able to do so.

That's great news! As I remembered Morphed saying he wasn't planning to release them for any other use (or I understood wrong). If so and he'll be ok with that, I'm for texturing them properly and including them in official Xonotic, so we can have some great robots too by default Big Grin I wouldn't agree with defaulting the weapons in that mod however, except the minstagib model.

Current player models are only placeholders. I want system where to body there are attached random parts like head, shoulder pads and backpacks. Div0 said he will code something like that for me in the future. When this will be done i promise to release sources to these models. I still dont agree about adding them to main xonotic, they were made with lack of textures in mind, also i made them quick, so i wont stuck at polishing 1 model for days and then lose motivation to do others.

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