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Epic Steam Sale

Anyone been getting anything in the sale?

So far I've got Mount and Blade: With fire and sword for about £2. Also FEAR2. I see various other things I fancy getting as well.
Hey, want to learn to map? You might want to start here and here!

Not to mention that Team Fortress 2 is now free FOREVER!!! Big Grin

i got trine for 2$. it reminds me a lot of lost vikings, only more pretty.
Master of mysterious geometries

Imgur Gallery

Osmos, Machinarium, and World of Goo are highly recommended. All are on sale.

Edit: I got the above via the Humble Bundle, but hopefully the Steam bundles comes with the soundtracks too. If you like ambient-type stuff the soundtracks for Osmos and Machinarium are EPIC.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

Team Fortress 2 is free, but it is the special kind of free, where you have to pay to get better weapons. I hate that.

I was weak : I got Portal, The whole Stalker trilogy and Bioshock. I almost fell for Super Meat Boy and Left 4 dead, but I resisted.
I also got Audiosurf and Quake, which came WITHOUT ITS MUSIC ! I bought it for NIN ! Fortunately, I was able to add it myself.
Today, for the last day, There are Dead space 2, Duke nukem forever and portal 2. I'll try to be strong and patient...

(07-09-2011, 04:44 PM)Simboubou Wrote: Team Fortress 2 is free, but it is the special kind of free, where you have to pay to get better weapons. I hate that.

You dont have to pay for them.
There you still can unlock a few with achievements. (3 for every class)
There are random drops
and most important of all you can craft them yourself
<Samual> I am the most unprofessional developer ever
<bluez> halogene, you make awesome music, but you have no clue about ctf.
<Halogene> I didn't know mappers include some mysterious waypoints so members of the BOT clan can navigate a map?
<divVerent> if you don't pay for a premium account, your movement speed is limited to 100qu/s

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