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Quake irc how to (i don't know!)

Can someone just run me through the basics on how to be a irc user.

Never in my life have I tried and I'm a bit intimidated by not knowing anything about it.
All I've been told is that its a place to chat (like MSN I think) but for users of particular online games i.e. quake, xonotic, nexuiz clans etc...

Help would be appreciated.Confused

I think the easiest way is to use this for the first time:
Channel: #xonotic , for example.

Thanks. I don't have a 'hash' tag on my apple keyboard for some reason.
What is 'whois', 'query' and 'slap' just to be sure? and no need for te hash sign gosh I'm such a n00b at this.

err okay I'm logged in but there's no convos going on. Am I missing something? I get that there are different channels and when I access them I see a list of members on the right of the screen. However nothings going on. do I have to register further?

erm you need to stay in a channel for more then 7min. Not everyone is talking when they are online.
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You looked fine.
PHP Code:
[22:01] --> _DANNY_ has joined this channel (
22:03] --> omeddragon has joined this channel 
[22:08] <-- _DANNY_ has left this server (QuitPage closed). 

There just wasn't anybody chatting while you were connected.

Note, times are BST. IP's have been removed

also, shift+3=#
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