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Glowmaps on weapons don't work right. Electro glows red!

The electro used to always have a blue glow where the energy vents are, which makes sense given the projectile is blue. It now glows red or whatever color you are. The crylink tubes were purple, now they're whatever color, and various other weapons have a similar problem.

I know you did some code changes to save space on the playermodel skin data in game, you merged shirt and glowmap. It's kinda ashame because it messes up the weapons. Maybe you need to have a glowmaptakesspants.lst in /data and any model in there that is listed saves space by using the glowmap as glow+pants, everything else would work reguarly.

Another idea is to make it colour dependant: If in the glowmap a spot is anything other than grayscale it glows the colour it is set to, otherwise it takes on the pants colour as you have it now. This way you save space and still keep the flexibility.

Please consider this.

If I was in the red team and my electro colored blue I would start shouting my teammates, not handy.

I already have that problem if I am in the blue team and my nex turns red (charged).

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