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[NEEDS INFO] Race Map Crashes

Hi, i'm playing the singleplayer mode and loving it.

However, the ninth level crashes on start. It is the race level named "Leave 'Em Behind". I see the level with the startup interface (press jump to enter game) and a window telling me to press F1 to have my stats recorded or F2 for no. This screen is always frozen and when i click anywhere the game shuts down and i am back on the desktop.

I am running version 0.5.0 on Windows 7. Nexuiz ran flawless through the whole campaign.

Best, BFea/Claudius

I think I may have fixed this in the current code already. It sounds like a memory leak in showing that dialog, which is fixed now.

To proceed, do this:

1. In the menu, click Settings / Misc / Advanced Settings...
2. Locate "cl_allow_uid2name" in the list box and click it
3. Change it to 0 or 1, depending on whether you want (on statistics enabled servers) your progress and statistics to be recorded or not

That will make the dialog no longer appear and the game should proceed.
BRLOGENSHFEGLE (core dumped)

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Just tried that, dialog is gone, still freezes/crashes.

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