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[NEEDS INFO] xonotic + intel graphics card doesn't function but Nexuiz does

Having chatted to Samual about this issue, and having spent a few hours trawling through the code, I was wondering whether anyone else has more information on this subject. I attach output from Nexuiz (which runs and works fine) and output from a git clone and update of xonotic which doesn't run.

When running Xonotic, I see the title screen just fine, but after approx. 3 seconds the screen goes blank (except for a VERY faint 'watermark') and the CPU maxes out.

My system is Linux (Vector)
My Graphics card is 00:02.1 Display controller: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c)

and the rest of the info should be in the attached files...

Attached Files
.txt   nexuiz_output.txt (Size: 13.66 KB / Downloads: 4)
.txt   output.txt (Size: 32.5 KB / Downloads: 5)

You appear to be using SDL with Nexuiz and GLX with Xonotic.

Experiment with these

./all run sdl
./all run glx

You can also add '-safe' to the command wiki details, which disables the usage of every goody a graphic card offers.
./ -safe
./ -safe

./all run sdl -safe
./all run glx -safe

I play Nexuiz with a Intel 4500MHD card on Ubuntu 10.04 using a few tweaks (r_fullbright 1 r_sky 0) and get 40+ fps and no other issues but when I tried Xonotic I had issues with textures not showing up due some texture compression (S3TC DDS? idk) that the 4500 couldn't do either because the drivers didn't support it or the card it self not sure which. Never had Nexuiz or Xonotic just not run to some extent though, weird.
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If it is because of texture compression issues, you can blame the USA for having software patents. Your intel chip is perfectly capable of decoding S3TC.

The option -nos3tc, passed to the engine, should force software decoding at lower res. Or, you can use a build without any DDS files at all:

Username: xonotic, Pass: g-23
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Also, if you live in a country that doesn't execute you for using patented algorithms to access hardware you paid for: you can install the libtxc_dxtn library, which will enable S3TC support in Mesa.
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