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[SOLVED] Disabling textures?

Hello everyone

I'm simply wondering wether it is possible to disable textures (if you've watched the QL championship matches on YouTube, you know what I mean) to improve framerate. My graphicscrad is very week and even on lowest possible settings in the "video" and "effects" menus, I only get 20-30fps.

Thanks in advance.


g_picmip - 0 is default value, you can increase it to reduce resolution of textures. Type g_picmip_4 in console (4 or even more)
you can try increasing g_picmip_world instead (only for environment textures, so playermodels, weapons and items will look fine).

some things to increase framerate can be found also here:
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Or r_showsurfaces 3

If your desperate, you can try typing in (BACK UP YOUR CONFIG FILE FIRST!):

exec effects-omg.cfg

and then apply:

cl_projectiles_sloppy 1 (you really should enable this no matter what since it's not noticeable visually anyway)

cl_playerdetailreduction 5 (or higher if your REALLY desperate)

The following tweaks will adjust how your game adjusts itself to maintain it's frame rate:

cl_minfps 30 (your game will try to hold this, even if it has to reduce a few effects to do it)

cl_minfps_fade 1337 (How fast the game lowers effects to maintain the frame rate. Higher values make it drop faster.)

cl_minfps_qualitypower 1337 (Power that minfps_fade uses, higher will make the quality drop sharper.)

You can use the following command to cap or uncap your frame rate, setting it to 0 keeps the fps uncapped. Setting it to 30 will cap it at 30 and so on:

cl_maxfps 0

You can also tweak your motion blur to hide choppy frames (you may need to enable blur and sharpen post processing to go with this if I'm correct):

r_motionblur 0.007000 (DRASTICALLY lower than what the slider allows.)

r_motionblur_maxblur 2 (This is actually more than double the default, though it only goes this high when it should.)

Oh wait.

You can use my high fps / competitive config:
How to use it:
1. Copy the .cfg file into your data/ dir
2. Open console, usually with ^
3. Type: exec asyyy_gfx.cfg
4. Press enter
5. Type: vid_restart
6. Press enter

effects-omg.cfg looks neat but gives bad performance compared to what is possible. Especially r_showsurfaces 3 seems to be a fps killer. I would love to use it but it eats ~30% of fps on my linux + ati system.

Thanks guys, I appreciate your help Smile

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