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[NEEDS INFO] Third map doesn't show any textures or shading? On MacBook 2.1 C2D

Hi, I just downloaded Xonotic last night, so far it seems like a great game. The third map in the single player training doesn't seem to show up with any textures or shading, it's all dark grey with some objects showing up as all white. Am I missing a library or is my computer not up to spec? I am using a MacBook 4,1 2.1GHz Core 2 Duo with 4GB of RAM.


This sounds to me that some file is missing...

The 3rd map of the campaign is Courtfun (CTF) btw if that helps others to find a solution. Tongue

Also: Welcome to Xonotic! Wink
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Are you using xonotic 0.5, or the git Version?

also have you tried typing vis_restart in the console (use ~ to get to it) It seems to be the magic command that fixes all.
... at least thats what people tell me.... I personally haven't seen it do that much

I think hutty means vid_restart and not vis_restart. You don't need vid_restart though, r_restart should be enough. First restarts the entire display, second restarts just the renderer.

Anyway, can you give us some console output? Launch the game, start the map, then when it fails open the Xonotic console (press shift+esc) and type
condump texturefail.log
Then look for the texturefail.log file in your data directory, which should be in your home directory under the hidden .xonotic/data. To access that you can use "Go to folder" in the "Go" menu of the Finder, and type ~/.xonotic/data

Then paste the contents of that file either here in a [code] block or on or any other pastebin.

I guess this is a shader compile error.

The condump should help pinpoint it.
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