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D_W's Sound Effect Extravaganza (and brainstroming) Thread

I've been mentioning that I'm working on some new sound effects for a couple months now, but haven't shown anything yet. One reason has been working a full time job leaves me little time to dedicate to making new sounds. Another is I'm a bit of a perfectionist and if I don't like a sound I get rid of it. Honestly I probably made over 50 sounds that have been completely deleted over the course of two months. hah.
Anyway! I've got some stuff to show and want to show them off to the community, but I also would like some help brainstorming for future sounds.

This thread will be where I submit any and all sounds I make for the game.

[Sound Pack 01] - [Source Files] (Hopefully these are what is needed.)
In this first mini pack has various sounds but mostly ones involving item pickups. Included are Armor pickups, general item pickups, item respawn, jump pad, gib, and gib splat sounds.

Originally I was working on each time of ammo would have it's own sound, but I couldn't really create a good individual sound for each. If the community decides that is a good idea that would enrich the gameplay, then I will glad try again.
I really wanted to include health sounds, but getting a base theme for the set is really proving to be tricky! Looking at some other games has proven to be of little help. I figured something more "Video game-y" would fit with the arena styled gameplay better then something more accurate to the item's model (which is what I did for the armor), but I'm not sure. I continue hammering on it til I have something I like. You can be sure of that!

A little bit about the process that I go through to make these. They all contain sounds from various household objects. I generally record with a AT8035 shot gun mic into a Tascam DR-680 if I'm recording something away from my computer. Otherwise I record directly into Protools with the same microphone. Program-wise, I use FL Studio 9 for some sound design, but mainly ProTools 9 (I'm not spending 300 bucks for the upgrade just yet!) to do all the designing, mixing, and such. Then I do some quick mastering and convert the files to .oggs in Audacity.
~D W
Composer and Sound Designer.
Find my work on SoundCloud and FreeSound.

good work , will check em out soon , and ya tunes on soundcloud Smile





I don't like the item respawn sound, otherwise they are pretty nice!

Used Protools 6 at a College open day, and it was a very neat piece of software. I wonder what Protools 10 is like.
I like the fact that you use house hold objects to create the sounds. I would love to have a listen but the download site is down atm.

I'll have to be very honest and I know you worked a lot on these but, I'll be honest. I'm not too fond of the armor pickup sounds I guess because I have a preference for the more "video game-y" sounds you talked about like the ones in quake and the ones we already use.

But I love the other ones. Especially the gib sounds, they all sound great (especially the gib splats). Another one that's great is the jump pad. It a jump pad, haha.
bye / bad luck and have boredom

Honesty is the only type of feedback that's worth anything. Though I will say that I used Quake 2 and the ones already in the game as sources of inspiration and find the armor sounds the most video game-like of them all (well except maybe the item respawn sound). Funny that.
~D W
Composer and Sound Designer.
Find my work on SoundCloud and FreeSound.

D'oh, thx for the heads up, I downloaded the archive, and forgot to listen to it...

Ok, I love the gib sounds, but I'm not fond of any others. The weapon pickup sound especially sounds like a plastic toy pump-up shotgun Big Grin
[Image: 561.png]
"One should strive to achieve; not sit in bitter regret."

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