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Powerup sound lasting through respawns

I originally wanted to post this in "Delevopement/Suggestion box", but then I realized it belongs here Big Grin

It's something I've been disliking since Nexuiz.

1) You pick up Strength/Speed/Shield, all happy and thrilled;
2) You get killed in the very next second (crap!);
3) You respawn and keep hearing the roaring ringing sound of the powerup, whitch makes no sense, because you don't have it anymore and is just annoyingly reminding you that you haven't been able to use the powerup.

What I suggest?

1) Make the powerup sound stop immediately when player wearing the powerup get killed;
2) Make some short special sound that would play back informing others and the player, that he was killed while wearing a power-up. It's loudness should depend on how long the powerup have been used. The loudest would be immediate death after picking up a powerup, near the end of the 30-second period it should be very quiet, very subtle. It would be the sound of the wasted powerup time vapouring from the player Wink It could add some thrill and rewarding feedback to players killing others who wear a power-up: defeating someone who wears Strength is most of the times a special thing, and a little sound of breaking the powerup, could make it even more fun. Could it become more frustrating? I guess not more than what we have now - the non-stopping sound effect.

I would like to work on such a sound effect, and try to come up with something fitting the present powerup sounds (maybe I'd use them as base).

What do you think?
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Its probably just a bug.

(07-01-2014, 10:05 AM)frostwyrm333 Wrote: Its probably just a bug.

How so? Quad sound is played when quad is picked up. End of story. Implementing what unfa suggests means adding extra code, so it's not a bug but rather a missing feature.

I meant that it was an oversight.

Yes I don't consider this a bug. I guess it works the same way as all other pickup sounds.
They are started and play till they end.

Anybody feels like this could be doable?
[Image: BSF48.png][Image: HMITP48.png][Image: S48.png][Image: TLT48.png]

Well, it *is* doable I think, because AFAIK QC has control over sound channels. But currently, as you said, it acts like other pickups. This means the powerups need to be handled separately.

I don't code anymore (it's been too long and I have no time) so I'm not up for it.

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