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Public Xervice Announcement: Important info!

Hey guys, i've got some really important information for mappers, please pay attention and spread the news.

Over the past month or so, quite a lot of things have happened which concern mappers, and I just want to highlight the most important things for you guys so you understand the changes and can work with them in the future.

Map picture entities: info_autoscreenshot
We've been contemplating for a long time a way for map screenshots to be done easier for the mappers and developers in a way that streamlines the process in the future and keeps the screenshots consistent and clean... divVerent recently got bored, and decided to implement this. Basically, the way it works is by placing an entity on the map which contains an origin and view angle, and then the autobuild system (or maybe other parts of the game, like intermission perhaps in the future) will save the screenshot at that exact position.

There are basically 3 ways you can do this easily:
  1. Use a "target_position" entity together with an "info_autoscreenshot" entity which only needs origins. This method is best for netradiant, simply because you can create the mapshot without much effort at all, all you need to do is position the entities how you want and link them together with Ctrl + K.
  2. Place the "info_autoscreenshot" entity, and then rotate it manually in netradiant to how you want it by using the rotate tool.
  3. Use r_speeds to get your desired origin and angles, and then manually create the entity with a text editor.
You can see examples of these on maps already in the game as of today, "glowplant" uses method #1 and "g-23" uses method #2. (Click for screenshots)

If the map is on the autobuild server, it will automatically make you screenshots using these map entities (up to 3 entities can be used at once). The screenshots are at 1024x1024 resolution, but you need to resize them manually to 512x512 to use them as the mapshot. Unfortunately, the autobuild system cannot automatically pack the map shots into the pk3s as the screenshots are done after compilation/building, so you will still need to handle that yourself as well.

Here are the results: Method #1, Method #2.

New NetRadiant build: sRGB lighting
A new lighting method has been in the works for a bit now by divVerent, which basically uses more realistic color and shading calculations for the lightmaps created by q3map2. It can in many cases be a major improvement to lighting on maps, and especially it helps with maps being too dark in some cases. Of course the mapper still has full control over lighting and can still make the map dark, BUT it needs to be pointed out that sRGB lighting is by default about 2.2 times brighter than normal lighting methods! Because of this, it cannot be simply "slapped" on to a map, unless you adjust the light radius and intensities appropriately.

You can use various light flags to scale/adjust to compensate for this extra brightness, generally a factor of 0.4 or 0.5 would make the lighting look similar to the old style lightmaps.

Additionally, we have also produced a new build of NetRadiant for Windows users which has a few more features/tweaks/fixes since the last one, plus this new sRGB support enabled by default. (NOTE: Linux and OS X users have to compile it themselves using the git system, those platforms are impossible to build for different architectures normally) If you use this build version OR your map is on the autobuild server and you want your maps lighting to remain the same, you MUST use the "-nosRGB" flag! Otherwise, the lighting will default to sRGB, and that may be too bright for your map.

sRGB lighting for maps is certainly better when used properly, and it's the direction we want to go in the future, and we expect all default maps (and all new ones) to eventually switch to sRGB lighting. Currently the most notable ones that use it are: Drain, Courtfun, g-23, and Darkzone.. i'm probably forgetting some ^_^

Bot waypoint editor: Automatic waypointing
Finally just a quick one about a feature we added to the waypoint editor -- In addition to its old functionality, the waypoint editor can now automatically map the waypoints based on YOUR movement. Using the waypoint editor normally, enable g_waypointeditor_auto and just walk around all the various paths of the map. Once all paths are plotted, you will see a very natural plot which generally is far easier and much better than manually creating all of the plots. Depending on map size, it usually takes ~5 minutes or so of just walking everywhere you can, and I should point out that you should WALK slowly as bunnyhopping can distort the paths for bots.

You will need to clean it up a little by deleting some of the points, it CAN add too many in some places, but this is still a MASSIVE improvement over how the system previously worked, and it allows for maps to be waypointed far easier.

Anyway, thanks for your time, please spread this around and use the information when proceeding with maps in the future. Do note, i'm not a mapper, and thus I don't really understand all of this very well. If you need help, i'm sure some of the other more experienced people can pitch in and perhaps reply/edit this post to give better information.

I like the title of this by the way... I think i'm going to make this a usual thing, any time some new development comes out and I want to tell you guys about it, i'll call it a Public Xervice Announcement.... PXA for short. What do you think? Wink

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To clarify, I did absolutely nothing of this other than the announcement -- credit goes to mand1nga and divVerent. Tongue

GG, posted it too tpo the main site:
[Image: 561.png]
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