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[BUG] [Bug]no damage with using Electro with lightning gun mode

I found a serious bug in Electro with lightning gun mode. I think this is a bug.
This is caused when you shoot lightning gun to your enemy while his going backward.

This is my server and xonotic git version.

I captured it and uploaded on YouTube. Here is the URL.

I saw the code for electro(qcsrc/server/w_electro.qc) but I couldn't solve it out.

Unlikely to ever get solved as the standard balance does not use it and there's a separate LG-like weapon planned for future versions. If you or someones else does solve it tough, patches are always welcome.


I've tried to solve it but idk where is the point for collision detection... and some of stuffs I found are "server/g_damage.qc", "client/View.qc". I think Damage() is the function for it, and getstatf(STAT_HIT_TIME) is related to hit, but I couldn't solve it out.

Also, I'm trying to switch hit sound when target has armorvalue and target has no armorvalue like Quake 4, but idk the relation between g_damage.qc and View.qc. View.qc is processed everytime, but g_damage.qc is processed when players get damage. I want some references...hmm...

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