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[NEED HELP] Menu freezes when typing server address, old bug?

I've been trying to get some coworkers into Xonotic and we're all having an issue when typing the server address (FQDN) in the multiplayer menu, where the UI locks up for about 10 seconds.

I found this old thread which describes it perfectly:

And this old git issue, which has been closed:

I've verified that we're all using the latest 0.8.2 version from the download page. Does the bug still exist in 0.8.2? Any workarounds?

The issue was moved, not closed:

It's an issue with the game's engine, which unfortunately means a fix may not come very soon, as it is a different development team managing the engine.
One way around it would be to use the console; press the TILDE (~) key, type connect your.server.ip and press ENTER. You can then close the console with TILDE or ESCAPE. To make the process easier you may also want to type addfav your.server.ip so that it is bookmarked and appears in the server list without needing to search for it.
[Image: 230.png]

Ohhh, I see. Cool, I'll just do that then. Thanks for the tips!

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