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Suggestions for server performance tweaking

Hello Everyone,

Does anyone know if there is any documentation on tweaking the server for optimal performance?

Any pointers?


If you use git, make sure you compile with release flags (./all compile -c -r)
If not, we'd need to know what sort of performance issues you have (cpu load, mem use, network?). Generally is should 'just work', but with larger player counts, complicated maps or low powered hosts some tweakage could be necessary.

Hey tZork,

Thanks for your response. In my case it would be network bandwidth issues so I'd like to optimize as much as possible. Perhaps a page on the Wiki or something could be a place for the community to share its wisdom?

xonotic/server/server.cfg Wrote://sv_maxrate 1000000 // limits client connections to this rate in bytes/seconds
and possibly
xonotic/server/server.cfg Wrote://sys_ticrate 0.0333333 // change to 0.0166667 if your server can take the abuse, can make the game a bit more fluent
(tough a slower tick has side effects)
are the main network settings for servers iirc

Expect complaints if your ticrate is too large though, experienced players can really feel it.

Got it!


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