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[SUGGESTION] [Bug]Electro secondary is unable to fire...

When you get amount of ammo enabling you to fire only one of modes, you get message "Weapon's <mode> is unable to fire, but its <other mode> can. Eg, if you use shotgun and are out of shells, and try to fire primary, you get this message.

The thing is, electro behaves quite odd:

-If you have 6 ammo units and fire primary, it switches immediately like it's out of ammo when you could still shoot a single ball of secondary,
-If you have 4 ammo left, you can't fire secondary at all.
-If you have 6 or 8 ammo left and fire secondary, you only fire one or two balls respectively, so that you stop at 4 ammo.


This is so you don't end up firing all ammo left with secondary while not being able to use primary to finish combo.

Very annoying feature at times indeed.

You could try making this user configurable. Must be possible.
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