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The big XPM / competitive gaming thread

Oh, sure...

What the total clueless one sees: ultra.cfg + everything else maxed out:
[Image: aahgr15ded9fua060v4_thumb.jpg]

What the casual gamer (like me) sees: normal.cfg
[Image: aaxpwvz4igizsmj9xkb_thumb.jpg]

What you can actually achieve without any console magics:
[Image: lau8otrlm1aua92hpsos_thumb.jpg]

What the self respecting competitive player sees, with more knowledge on the game:
[Image: lse91fbru363fdvajx_thumb.jpg]

What the evil 1337 prö player sees, who not even tweaks the settings even further with the console, but replaces content too:
[Image: z6c9c0conmtbjz8uz135_thumb.jpg]

Oh, asyyy pointed out a thing: the normal and ultra are a bit spoiled, because if the enemy under the crosshair uses forced models against me, he should look like the green blob anyway.

I'm not saying that those who know more about the game are needed to be punished by any means. No, that's really far from my intentions. But as you can see, some knowledge can lead you to truly unfair advantages against your opponent ingame.
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If some people want a competitive mode for duels and tdm, so what? As long its only on servers dedicated to competitive its alright. When there are people who abuse weak spots in the game, there always be a solution for that. Nobody forces you to play the competitive mode. As long its separated from the normal game everything is alright.
Why is this what is xonotic about stuff such a big topic now? It's just annoying. First the "problem" with the cts server, then the overkill "problem" and now this. JUST LIKE NEXUIZ, XONOTIC IS JUST ABOUT FREEDOM. YOU CAN MODIFY IT AS YOU WANT. IT WILL ALWAYS STAY XONOTIC. MODIFYING STUFF IS THE REASON WHY XONOTIC IS WHAT IS NOW.
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LOL, is playing @ultra settings sign of cluelessness now? I like my games how I like my women: vibrant, good-looking and free.

Arguing about this is pretty pointless and heres why.

Most "serious" competetive teams allready have impecable timing, thus making it all about who has the better weapons and positioning anyway.
Heres the kicker, if your timing items your most likely are ALOT better then your opponent (who isnt timing), making the item timing debate pointless as you 9/10 times would likely kill the other team anyway (if they take the item somehow...)

Also heres a pro for having the waypoints. They will make "low skill" games alot more even and would pretty much teach players how to respond and react and make teamplay "work itself out" Tongue
If they are just jumping around ignoring stuff anyway then i really doubt it would make any difference..

As for gl_picmip and other settings the whole argument is moot.
We have allread been through this with q1,q2,q3,q4,pk,wsw and hell even CS had its time.
All in all, it made absolutely no difference to gameplay and competition.
Hell, one could argue that shadows are cheats because you can see them coming around the corner... -_-

Tho i agree with checksum and keeping the server/clients pure. Stick models are a pain in the ass and where abused to death in q2 and cs.

I give my config to anyone who wants it btw, it's even linked in the OP. Anyone who is interested in competitive gaming will end up on irc or on the forums at some point anyway. Those who don't have a clue about the game yet wont be able to challenge an experienced player no matter if they use picmip or not. When my exams are done I might set up a short config guide, with the most important stuff for competitive gaming. But now let's get back on topic please.

asy7um IF you do that config guide, I would like to include it in the manual. PM me when you've got something, ok? Good luck with your exams.
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You know something which really annoys me? A lot of the requested features/"fixes" in this thread require a decent amount of coding or other such work... and none of the people suggesting these things submit a patch or even contributes any further part to the idea.

Someone poked me earlier complaining that I didn't check out this thread and haven't implemented any of the features here -- Sincerely, my signature.

(To everyone else who is being polite though, you're fine and I appreciate the input.)

I will be fixing some of the bugs pointed out here though, however: I am upset that they weren't posted onto the bug tracker -- we don't see the bugs unless they're actually where they should be posted.

The main purpose of this thread was to put those ideas and "fixes" up for discussion before finally submitting them to the devs / bug tracker. But can't post a single thing here without the "informed" forum crowd flaming it which makes this thread kind-of useless now.

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