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[SOLVED] configure the server for leaderboard

You are running the "Xonotic XPM Duel Server JP" server, correct? If so, there are no games having players that are coming through. If you play a game with another person, please screenshot me the scoreboard along with the date and time the match occurred.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

hi Ant Shy

Servers are:

(ProphetsClanServer) 1on1 Sanctuary II [Minsta|Hook] hosted by Su [0.6.0autobuild]
(ProphetsClanServer) -minsta|> DM & Duel <|hook- hosted by Su [0.6.0autobuild]

Greetz Su

There are no games being reported by either server; all submissions are empty. Play a game with more than 1 real player on either server, then post a screenshot of the scoreboard here along w/ the date and time you played.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

Games played today at 09:00 pm CET (Gemany)

when i play vs a real player the log says:
^7[20121710/16/12_2117:05]^1 .^xC70|^3^x6C0r^x0B1o^x0E6p^x0DDh^x05De^x50Ct^x807!^xC06n ^7  ^7wins.
^7[20121710/16/12_2117:05]Downloading -> memory
^7[20121710/16/12_2117:05]Downloading -> memory
^7[20121710/16/12_2117:06]Got response from weapon stats server:
^7[20121710/16/12_2117:06]  OK
^7[20121710/16/12_2117:06]End of response.
^7[20121710/16/12_2117:06]Weapon stats written
^7[20121710/16/12_2117:07]Player stats writing failed: -1
^7^3[20121710/16/12_2117:08]nobody^7: gg

[Image: warfar10.jpg]
[Image: evilsp10.jpg]

There are more - but i wont spam here AngelWink
btw. if i play vs a bot the log says:
^7[20122310/16/12_2023:14]Downloading -> memory
^7[20122310/16/12_2023:14]Downloading -> memory
^7[20122310/16/12_2023:14]Got response from weapon stats server:
^7[20122310/16/12_2023:14]  NOTE: Empty match discarded
^7[20122310/16/12_2023:14]End of response.
^7[20122310/16/12_2023:14]Weapon stats written
^7[20122310/16/12_2023:14]Got response from player stats server:
^7[20122310/16/12_2023:14]  <html>
^7[20122310/16/12_2023:14]   <head>
^7[20122310/16/12_2023:14]    <title>200 OK</title>
^7[20122310/16/12_2023:14]   </head>
^7[20122310/16/12_2023:14]   <body>
^7[20122310/16/12_2023:14]    <h1>200 OK</h1>
^7[20122310/16/12_2023:14]    <br/><br/>
^7[20122310/16/12_2023:14]  OK
^7[20122310/16/12_2023:14]   </body>
^7[20122310/16/12_2023:14]  </html>
^7[20122310/16/12_2023:14]End of response.
^7[20122310/16/12_2023:14]Player stats written

Thankies for spent your time & work Smile Dodgy

GreetZ Su

#30 noticed that in leaderbord the 1on1 server was shown under:

(ProphetsClanServer) -minsta|> 1on1 <|hook- hosted by Su [0.6.0]

IP Address:
Revision: xonotic-v0.6.0
Added 6 months ago
But a dynamic IP Adress and now my IP is atm.
Maybe is that a problem Huh
btw. The DM server never was seen in leaderboard (see Here)

GreetZ Su

I think the server identifies itself with its crypto keys, so IP addresses and hosts should not matter.

found in ... /.Xonotic/data/data the two file server.db and server.db.duel
but in both I can read only:


Is this the normal value - and when not is there anything wrong on my configuration of data base??

GreetZ Su

so renewed everyting ... Tongue
Installed xonotic again ... got new ID keys ... configured a new server.cfg Tongue

Now one server is seen in Leaderboard: (ProphetsClanServer) Rolleyes but the other one (with similar configuration except Port adress & name) is still missing .... Tongue

Anyway - I.m very happy to get at least one server back in Leaderboard.

btw. the strange thing is: the log still tell me:
Player stats writing failed: -1
But like it seems - it works in Leaderboard ... Huh

GreetZ Su

tada - now both server of mine are shown in XonStats Big Grin

here they are:

(Prophets) Duel Sanctuary [Minsta|Hook] 0.6.0autobuild

(Prophets) Deathmatch Temple [Minsta|Hook] 0.6.0autobuild

It sounds ridiculous but can it be that it is a matter of how long is the server name???

anyway - after shortened the name the stats now work ... Big Grin

GreetZ Su

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