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How to add 5,10,15,20,25,30 kills sounds like in Nexuiz?

Well. The title says it all. I see that Xonotic has these sounds disabled, but I'm wondering how can I enable them on my server?[/align]
[Image: 10253.png]

I don't know if that's intentional, but in the current git state the code that announces kill sprees is never reached.

At line 446 in g_damage.qc,
if (attacker.killcount > 2) {
    Send_KillNotification(a, ftos(attacker.killcount), "", KILL_SPREE, MSG_SPREE);
else if (attacker.killcount == 3)
    Send_KillNotification(a, "", "", KILL_SPREE_3, MSG_SPREE);
    AnnounceTo(attacker, "03kills");
    PlayerStats_Event(attacker, PLAYERSTATS_ACHIEVEMENT_KILL_SPREE_3, 1);
else if(...)

As you can see, if the killcount is higher than 2 there will be no AnnounceTo because of the first conditional. I don't know if that's a bug or if it's intentional, but that's where it's disabled.

so. i have to set lower than 2 in this case?
[Image: 10253.png]

Do you use git or autobuilds? If so, be patient, this should be fixed soon.

I filed a merge request for this bug fix:
If you're in a hurry, apply that patch manually or merge mrbougo/killspree_bugfix into your master branch.

unfortunately, im not using git. i use autobuild updater, but if i have time, i'll get the git soon
[Image: 10253.png]

Then wait until this patch gets into the master branch. Then, the next autobuild will have it.

so this is FruitieX' fault, once again Big Grin

It's like that.. forever. No one believed me at first ffs. Tongue

I've never seen you complaining about this. I'm not saying you didn't but at least it didn't reach me.

this isnt working Sad
[Image: 10253.png]

Because the branch is not merged yet. There's not much I can do about this. I'll talk to the team.

You can follow progress on the link I posted above.

In my server, I solved this problem by removing "else" from each "else if (attacker.killcount ==...)" statement.

That's almost what my patch above does. It's linked in an earlier post in this thread.

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