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Replace the example model elbrus with a custom model

Hello guys I need ur help. Im totally new with xonotic but I want to integrate a custom player model in that game, just for personally use, because that modell isn't very great.

My problem is, that I don't know how to do animations in blender. I took the elbrus example file and I importet my model. Now I want to attach the bones to my model and build an walking animation. Its kind of wired because the bones have two positions in editing mode they are in t-form in object mode they are right positioned with the elbrus model. I have to change the elbrus model with my personal model, but how? I didn't find any tutorials just those sites:

thx Smile

Set the armature to use "Rest position" (the armature will have the t-form you mentioned and won't show you animations) so it's easier visually to create vertex groups to fit bone names. You can uncheck "Rest position" when you want to test the model with animations, see if vertex groups deform correctly, etc.

Note that you cannot edit the armature (in Edit mode) as from my experience that will break all animations, so I hope your model is in t-form and "mostly" already fits the rig in resting pose.

Sucks, but to use existing animations that's the only way (that I know of), the model has to fit the rig and not the other way around Sad I don't know if that's because of the way the rig was made or if it's a blender limitation, but it sure is annoying, can't even copy animations from one model to another without having to do major tweaking of the animations, unless the rig is IDENTICAL in every way. Arms and legs can end up all over the place because some bones have different length (especially arms and legs) from one rig to another. Erebus and Ignis have the most "finished" animations, so you can try and see if one fits your model better than the other, but iirc they're almost identical except maybe length of the arms.

Good thx! I'm now one step closer to my target. I posed the skeleton to the right place, but now I don't now how to assing the vertex groups to the bones. Does sombody know a good tutorial?

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I use blender 2.49 but I think it works the same way. First, make sure you added an Armature modifier to your model so it can linked to the actual armature. Just type the name of armature in the Object box (I think Erebus's armature is simply called "Armature").

Once that's done, any vertex assigned to a vertex group using one of the bone's name will follow that bone. Should be obvious instantly once you uncheck "Rest pose".

(05-05-2012, 06:44 PM)bigdilliams Wrote: I posed the skeleton to the right place

Oops, if you made changes to the skeleton (ie: if you made any changes to the bones position/rotation/scale in Edit mode to the actual bones on the armature) then you broke the animations. If you plan or redoing the anims that's fine, if not then sorry, I hope it wasn't my explanation in first reply that was too confusing :S

Hey Nifrek, have you completed the lower poly mega erabus you were working on?

Thank you I'm now editing the vertex groups and afterwards do some animations. You helped me very much and no, it doesn't matter that the animations are broken Big Grin

So, after some trying I recognized, that I need to delete the old animation to do a new, but how? And does someone know why some vertex are in a totally different position?

P.S. All vertex are in a vertex group

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