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Poll: Big World for Storymode
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[SUGGESTION] Singleplayer Storymode

In Xonotic we need a Storymode for the singleplayer gaming!!!

But I think a few maps have no story!

It would be good to have a world where the player can walk througt and have some missions in the world and for the others take spaceships.
maps are quite tooooo small!!!

so the user could:
- do missions in the world [maybe big town]
(and earn money for buying new better weapons)
- have missions in space stations
- have missions on other planets
- have missions in spaceships

what we need:
- modelers for the many, many things in the town
- developers for the programming
- time

...and it would be funny to have vehicles (small spaceships) which the user could drive and buy and pieces of artillery (bigger guns!!!).

I hope we could find many developers and modelers!
I'd offer myself, too!

Mutually inexclusive polls are stupid

Single player campaigns are nice, especially if you're tired of playing multiplayer it's nice to often jump to single player.

By the way shouldn't this be in the suggestion forum?
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@Ang: Indeed.
@OP: Someone already made this suggestion in the Suggestions section. There are some ideas flying by.

Moved thread to suggestionbox forum

Mutually inexclusive polls are stupid. There actually was an attempt to work on an UT3-style singleplayer in Nexuiz, but I don't know how far it got. Using mostly last team standing style play with mutators, an onslaught map here or there, as well as maybe an assault map here or there would probably do a good job of telling a story if done properly. A couple of corridor find the end of the level type maps (could probably use CTS maps for this actually) would probably go a long way as well. If anybody is up to it, it would be nice, but keep in mind that Xonotic is a community-driven GPL'd FOSS project and is being put together by people in their spare time.

Lee - using assault and onslaught modes was largely what I had in mind when I suggested it for nexuiz. Assault especially. I think there was a patch done that allow map entities to trigger changes such as gravity, map changes etc.

We would need some modelers for creating a world!
If you can create 3d objects (buildings, streets, stones, ...) please post a reply [if the Developer Team likes it]
@DeveloperTeam: Please give us a reputation whether you'd intergrade the world

I was just chatting with rainerzufalldererste in IRC.

This idea has been brought up numerous times in the past with Nexuiz. To my understanding, it is a large undertaking, and I know that div0 has stated that he is not interested in it, but if someone else wanted to do it, that'd be fine by him.

So Samual has said he would focus on development for this, so he has started a wiki page on the development site to start collecting notes for it.

I think the biggest problem was that people's stories were terrible. I think we need to find the most creative member who can write well, have him write something, then have us comment on it.

Creating stories could go many ways, like having a few people come up with suggestions then people would read and give feedback. Get one really good storyteller guy to write something up and post it for feedback.
But the thing is, in the end, it has to be something that a small team of people decide as there will be some people hating the story most likely. It would be great if those in the community who wanted could be a part of deciding it, but it could get messy as well and run in circles (has happened before).

It also has to match the art-direction and as I read on he FAQ there is going to be a more concise one now with Xonotic, which is good. For now, I have no idea about the art-direction.

If you guys do manage to get things rolling I am willing to sign up for as a modeler. I'm currently quite busy with stuff. But I think this kinda of endeavor will take some time anyway so I most likely still have some time to make things calm down for me.

Well, you now know where to find me. Hook me up if things gets rolling, I'll still be as active as I can on these forums though.
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Also, change my name to 'ai', these forums sucks which can't have 2 letters in the nick!

This is one of the things most of the open source first person shooters are missing. As someone who grew up on half-life it's hard to enjoy a first person shooter that has no story mode. I really think half life would be the level to aim for or above its story mode is primitive but it worked relatively well.


Do the story mode in small episodes about 10 to 20 minutes in playtime then release one say every six months. It would keep the goal small so story mode doesn't look like a huge unsurmountable task.

Write the rough draft of a story but stay semi flexible on the details to keep things fun and fluid. allot two to three episodes for every part of a five part story structure.

Where half life sometimes fell short was in the fact there was almost no climax just scene after scene loosely related events.

Also see the mind of Gordon Freeman on youtube entertaining internal dialog in a game is rarely done and could be an option.

Nexius characters tended to be very fast and able to jump really far if xonotic won't change that then story mode needs to provide explanations such as: genetic engineered future

I still think the premise of an intergalactic war could be fun. I know Flying Steel posted a rather detailed story on the AT forum thread. With a bit of a clean up and expansion it would probably do quite well.

I would LOVE to see a good singleplayer mode in the game, but I think it'll take loads of hard work to get it working.

I'd be happy to help, though.
[Image: 370.png] AKA [~] John Smith on Nexuiz

Wouldn't it be easier, instead of the game to be shipped with a campaign mode, to just define an 'Objective' gametype, give mappers the ability to put text/speech in maps and just link maps into campaign files? You could have an ingame browser and a catalogue on the web and just allow people to download highly rated ones.
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Will - there is an objective game type. Namely Assault. Speech can be put in to an extent and maps can be linked together through entities which is what I've been saying earlier in the thread.

I always thought it would be neat to have a map on a space station attached to a space elevator which you have to take over...

(03-23-2010, 06:48 PM)Sepelio Wrote: I still think the premise of an intergalactic war could be fun. I know Flying Steel posted a rather detailed story on the AT forum thread. With a bit of a clean up and expansion it would probably do quite well.

True that.

Ah found it:

Its on that page. I'd repost it but its rather long.

where's the wiki page?
@ThePWTUNL: you would help? great! Big Grin
@Serpelio: Intergalactic war is a great idea! When someone says where the wikipage is I'd start working on a story!
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but how is the main char involved into the galactic war?
is he a soldier or a galactic dunnowat prince? is he just an engineer at AT corp?
what's his aim? revenge for his... let's say killed buddies/family?
or is there still some real reason to fight for like the girl he loves or ...bla.

anyways, there has to be some awesome kind of device/material/wtf which is so powerful, that you can rule teh WHOOOOOOOOOLE universe with it - but its damn hard to get. Tongue
every movie/game in scifi has that thing.
so the good guy stops the bad guy from abusing that OMGWTFBBQ-device to destroy <insert important thing here> (parliament of teh universe for example) but it gotta be fucking close.

the biggest problem: no cinematics => bawring. we dont have professional motion capturing soft+hardware do we?
[?] - #kwestion @quakenet

There are free motion capture animations, however, I seriously doubt it's GPL. One could always create machinima cutscenes instead of cinematics. Or, be a bit more artistic and draw the cinematics ala Max Payne or something. Or just have simple radio recordings (with maybe a few visual drawn aids) ala Battlezone before a new mission started.
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Fix the avatar size limit please! I want my avatar gifs back! DISCRIMINATION!
Also, change my name to 'ai', these forums sucks which can't have 2 letters in the nick!

I thought of something like that:

11th December, 2492.
A big spaceship was seen not far away from the earth. A team of specialists should be send to the ship.
- A Solider
- A Sciencist
- A Weapon builder and hacker
You have to find out what this aliens are about.
Whith a little rocket you get on the spaceship without getting noticed by anyone.
The Aliens don't have developed any good weapons, but spaceships.
When the Aliens arrive at their planet they notice you. Thir weapons are realy bad - sticks and stones.
You kill most of them and the last ones tell you everything you want to know.

You are still on the planet of the aliens (which you called Xargorons), as one day big Spaceships arrive. The aliens of this spaceships wanted to kill the Xargorons but you killed most of them and the Invaderers take your team with them. In the Spaceship your team can get out of your prison in the spaceship but there's noone but a little robot. He flys you on a lost planet.
Many strange Aliens are there. You start an army whith them and fight against the Invaderers on Lost Planet. Some of the Aliens change the sides after the war took a few days. But in the end you win the war.

this is my story concept for now. mor chapters will follow.
sorry for bad english, didn't have much time for writing.
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Mutually inexclusive polls are stupid

someone who writes that a few times is stupid, too Tongue
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How about we do a contest, 800 words or less to describe the setting and backstory?

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