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[SUGGESTION] Singleplayer ideas thread

Note: This thread is very out of date.

With all the different singleplayer idea threads out there, I thought I'd make an index thread with all the relevant stuff put neatly in one place Smile

Artstyle Development (VERY IMPORTANT)
by Oblivion
Ideas for singleplayer gameplay by me
Singleplayer Storymode by rainerzufalldererste
Story or Book? by EvilSpaceHamster
story concept by theShadow
Story by AllegedlyDead
Reboot by EvilSpaceHamster

If you've got an idea for a story, you can write a 1000 words summary and post it in this thread: Singleplayer Story Mode On!

I'll just keep adding to this list as people make more idea threads Smile

(If I've left something out, tell me and I'll add it to the list)
[Image: 370.png] AKA [~] John Smith on Nexuiz

awesome idea dude, may i also suggest Reboot by EvilSpaceHamster :p, it has a load of suggestions in there

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Check out my site:!

Eh I suggest you also add the art development thread in. Its got a lot of relevant ideas too. Mostly concerning factions. Setting then story guys.


Thanks for this. Stickied

Added those threads.
[Image: 370.png] AKA [~] John Smith on Nexuiz

singleplayer storymode GO!
(reboot thread has some ace ideas)
[?] - #kwestion @quakenet

THX for putting that in a new thread!
[Image: 788.png]

Got a couple of ideas actually

balance and physics file changing
This can be done to make the character more powerful or weaker through-out the game. For example we can start the player off at a normal slowish speed and not have bunny hopping do much, but at the end or just before levels have him/her evolve a little bit more into a bad ass. Like just before all hell breaks loose in the story line something could just "click" (similar to somebody instantly getting good at something during a stressful situation) and the next thing you know their body count is increasing.

Items I would touch are movement speed/jumping and the firing rates of semi-automatic weapons and the spread and recoil of all the weapons. Health and maybe armor would be another one to mess with to represent them getting tougher and more chaotic.

Simple text between levels
If there's one thing I like about text, it's the fact that it goes a long way in story telling and gives a game a really awesome retro (and often times nostalgic) feeling. If we can grab somebody who's really skilled at artwork as well, that would greatly help because then we could probably get some retro-style "cut-scenes" thrown in where pictures instead of animations are used.

Oh wait.

I'd rather not turn this into a discussion thread, but I'd be happy to put a link in the first post.

You might want to check out the external singleplayer forums as well.
[Image: 370.png] AKA [~] John Smith on Nexuiz

(09-27-2010, 02:40 PM)ThePWTULN Wrote: You might want to check out the external singleplayer forums as well.

Does anybody actually go there? I posted a story a week ago and no one checked it out... :/
(08-10-2012, 02:37 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: Cloud is the new Web 2.0. It makes no damn sense to me.

My 2 cents.
The people who want to make a whole sp mod are going to slow all dev.
We don't need that. They can do that.
We just need the framework to work with
not a whole campaign

look at the SP framework for UT2k4
Its just a code framework of the base things most people would need to advance a story

The art will come from all the modders who use the framework later

if we just focus on a small core framework then each sp developer can work on their art and skins for ui etc.

So what does a single player need that isn't in deathmatch?

message triggers for consoles
a pda\notes function
playing audio/video logs or reading terminals
a basic inventory
combinable/researchable items in inventory a la System Shock *which uses TINY flatfiles
persistent inventory between levels
an ability tree/tech tree/upgrade character system
credit/purchase upgrade/weapons system
vehicles that can carry shit
{it used to be called a trunk}
Perhaps 4 player co-op adventure and inventory trading like in Project Eden {which was 400 megs!}
I like being able to switch between 4 party members and use the talents of each

If we look closely at some old school games like deus ex and system shock and even crusader no regret
they get all this functionality from very small fast files and flat databases or delimited text
These are small C files. Not a 1 G mod.

That is what we need

if you could build your objectives/quest sequences/item tables in excel and save them in a folder with a particular naming then you could adjust whole game sets with a spreadsheet, not even opening the editor!

If we wait for someone/team to make a whole mod it will be forever
we just need a small code framework
and a way to make bots do some scripted funtions a la quake one
patrol here, see someone run to alarm button
then shoot
if hurt too much run and get help down the hall and come back.

A code framework would be small, like 30 megs.

If we have that
a thousand designers who are NOT coders will suddenly look at this like a feasible tool or skeleton

ISn't xonotic based on Q3?
So its objective C
which means that playability code is separate from the engine code
So why can't we use entities and features in Q1 and Q2?
Adjusted of course, but the framework is there

I think we could add everything that is in deus ex and system shock
at under 30 megs with example files

and if we separate this from the artwork and just give a base framework
the community will make it rock
believe it or not
the developers of games are tired of commercial fragfests
we have been waiting for a strong sp framework that doesn't require 200 node ai constructs in kismet
I can just open files in my system shock folder and edit them, fire it up and the changes are there
That's the kind of dev system we need
that kind of structure
that you can package wads or whatever
bu while you are working on it the files should be separate so they can be edited separately without export import until final baking down.

That's more than 2 cents
I just read I was supposed to summarize and put it in the other thread

This guy has the right idea. btw, Xonotic is built off of DarkPlaces which is essentially a HEAVILY modified Quake 1 engine.

Oh wait.

(09-29-2010, 12:59 PM)Minkovsky Wrote:
(09-27-2010, 02:40 PM)ThePWTULN Wrote: You might want to check out the external singleplayer forums as well.

Does anybody actually go there? I posted a story a week ago and no one checked it out... :/

What/where is it? i have not heard of it.
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

If we are to make a tutorial campaign, there should be a level teaching the player to use combos. It should feature enemies that have to be killed (almost) instantly(but cant be killed instantly with one weapon) - overwise thew will kill you i n a blink of an eye. There should be a tutor or somebody else explaining that, actually showing it and then hesitating and dieing from the second enemy.
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

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