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[WIP] unnamed ctf map thing

Eh... I'm not creative with names.
Anyway I made this map for testing a tower defense game mode by Mario and eventually decided to make it a ctf map.

This is the result. Some help with balance/item placement would be nice.
Portals are going to be reworked to work a bit different. The 100 armor pickups may be turned into 50 armor if they unbalance stuff... Map will also be lighted properly eventually.

This is also the result of scrapping the other ctf map I was making due to the huge mess of brushes/etc that was. If you any suggestions please post here.

Anyway have some screens:
[Image: xonotic20130302131601-00_zpse11a5951.jpg]
[Image: xonotic20130302131631-00_zps317f132d.jpg]
[Image: xonotic20130302131656-00_zps31286487.jpg]
[Image: xonotic20130302131706-00_zps5274a745.jpg]
[Image: xonotic20130302131731-00_zpsf69f8b6f.jpg]
[Image: xonotic20130302131739-00_zpscbdaa621.jpg]

Map download is here if you want to test: EDIT: fixed portals
[Image: 12766.png]
Sucks at weapons

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