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XDL - Season 2

Xonotic Duel League - Season 2

Divisions and their tables: Click me Smile (after start of the season of course)

1. General

Join #xonotic.duel

1.1 Division system
All teams are divided in different divisions that fits their skill (Elo, Cup results etc. will be taken into account).
Each player meets all the other players in its division.

The number of divisions depend on the amount of players that would like to participate, but we will keep the divisions kind of small.

At a season's end, first and second of each division go up to the next division. Two lasts teams of each division descend to the lower division.

1.2 Playing
Every match will be played in a Best of 3 (Bo3). Three maps maximum can be played in a match. Every player chooses a map at the beginning of the match. Decider is choosen by elimination. [Pick-Pick-Drop-Drop; vcall cointoss to decide who starts]. A draw is not possible.

1.3 Duration

Start: 5th April 2013 | End: 5th May 2013

If a player does not play a match, it’s up to the admins how it will be valued at the end of the season.

1.4 Demos
Admins can ask a player to give them their demos. If a player refuses to give them, a warn will be issued.

1.5 Registration
You can register from NOW until 5th April 2013 by a) posting here or b) messaging me (Mirio) somewhere!

1.6 Admins
Mirio, Debugger, asyyy

2. Matches organisation

2.1 How-to
Simple: Talk to a player in your division and play it on one of the official servers.

2.2 Servers - [0.6]. eXiLe 1on1 Server #1 (XPM) ^eX .[GER] - [0.6]. eXiLe 1on1/TDM Server #1 (XPM) ^eX .[GER] - [0.6]. eXiLe 1on1/TDM Server #2 (XPM] ^eX. [GER] - [unconnected] votable public Server - [unconnected] votable pickup Server – DCC’s Pickup Delight

2.3 Matches report
One of the players should post it in the topic or message me (Mirio), preferable with a Stats URL.

3. In game play

3.1 Game format
- 1v1 Duel (XPM)
- Timelimit: 10
- Fraglimit: 0
- Best of 3 (cointoss, pick-pick-drop-drop)

3.2 Mappool

- Aerowalk (hub3aeroq3a_nex_r4.pk3)
- Darkzone
- Downer (downer_final.pk3)
- Final Rage (final_rage_duel_v2.pk3)
- Silent Siege (silentsiege_final.pk3)

A match has to be played again if the players did not play it on one of these maps.

3.3 Forfeiting

You may forfeit during a match, but your opponent will get 3 frags for each minute remaining.

Now kill me with fire again. Wink

Participants (42):

Hot Dog
shogun assassin
[Image: 21.png]
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I'm in.
[Image: 1276.png]


[Image: 12766.png]
Sucks at weapons


i'll play
erebus minstanex erebus Angel


I'm in.

I'm in fellas! Big Grin

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!
[Image: 9216.png] Web:[unconnected]
IRC: #uc.xonotic #xonotic #xonotic.pickup

i'll participate too
[Image: 22676.png]

Ready for balls out bob.

WTF mappool :O
But im in.
<machine> dude, i know i suck Smile
<OHSNAP! Mossepo> but you dont like finko-suck, u have potential to be good
Diomedes: Finko: You are the most intelligent guy in this community.

I'm in.

dat mappool


In again.


suggestmap Xoylent

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<ZeRoQL> i think i got 1 proper quad and that cunt halogen fuck me over with a laser

I'm in.

Count me in Big Grin
Links to my: SoundCloud and bandcamp accounts

Of course I'm in!
[Image: 12684.png]

Get ready division 4 folks, here I come!
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

when did I sign up? Big Grin

[Image: 21.png]
IRC (QuakeNet): #bot.xonotic | #xonotic.pickup | #xonotic | #xonotic.cup
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Movies: Mirification #1 | #2 | Mirificaption #1 | #3 | #4 | [BOT] Clan #3 | #5 | #6 | #7 | [BOT] Clan #4 | #8 | #9


Another series of rapes? Of course I'm in!

Signing up.


i have a question...

How to subscribe for play in Duel League Tournment?

Thanks all.

Bye Bye.
K1LL3RBI0S Quake Player, Painkiller Player, UT3 Player and Xonotic Player.
[Image: 25616.png]

Begin the ritual by going to the east. With your sword in your power hand (the one you write with), "draw" your magickal circle on the ground around your ritual area. Do this by pointing the sword at the floor and seeing great flames shoot out of it. Move clockwise around the circle with this flame; end by overlapping it in the east.

While drawing the circle, say:

By Dragon Power, this circle is sealed.

Return to the altar. Point the sword at the dragon pentacle (a pentacle with a dragon design on or around it) and say:

Dragons of Spirit, highest of dragons and most powerful, bless this altar with your fire. Let us be one in magick, Oh dragons great and wise.

Set the water chalice on the pentacle. With the wand in your power hand, circle the chalice three times clockwise with the wand and say:

Air, Fire, Earth, bring power forth. Water of land and sea, be purified!

Hold the chalice high, say:

Draconis! Draconis! Draconis!

Sprinkle the water lightly around the circled area, beginning and ending in the east. Set the dish of salt on the pentacle. Circle it three times clockwise with the wand and say:

Water, Air, Fire, hear my desire. Salt of earth and sea, be purified!

Sprinkle a few grains of salt to each corner of the altar. Circle the incense burner three times clockwise with the wand. Say:

Fire of dragons, Fire of Earth, you are purified, bring power forth!

Circle the incense and herbs three times clockwise with the wand and say:

Incense magickal, incense bold, awake the dragons as of old. You are purified!

Put a small amount of incense onto the burning coals. Lift the burner by the chains and touch it lightly to the pentacle. Lift it high over the altar and say:

Draconis! Draconis! Draconis!

Then carry it clockwise around the circle, beginning and ending in the east. Return it to the altar. Kneel before the altar with the sword in both hands. mentally project your interest and love of dragons as strongly as you can. Continue this for several minutes. Then rise and point the sword at the dragon pentacle and say:

Behold, all dragons and rulers of dragons, I am (magickal name), a magician who seeks dragon magick. With (name of sword) in my hand, I enter the realms of the dragons, not for battle nor conflict, but for knowledge and your aid. I greet you, dragons ancient and wise, and await your blessings and guidance.

Continue holding the sword outstretched until you feel the blessings of the dragons. When the flowing power of the blessing has lessened, lower the sword. Still holding the sword in your power hand, take the dragon pentacle and go to the east. Point the sword at the eastern position and hold up the dragon pentacle facing outward. Draw an invoking pentagram with the sword. (An invoking pentagram is a star drawn by starting at the top of the star, and going in a counter-clockwise motion to draw it by starting at the top and going down to the left first, then continue drawing as normal.) Say:

From Sairys (sair'-iss), ruler of the eastern dragons fair, comes the wondrous power of Air.

Feel the power of Air entering your body. When the flow stops, go to the South. Hold up the dragon pentacle again. Draw an invoking pentagram with the sword and say:

From Fafnir (faf'-near), ruler of dragons of the south, comes cleansing Fire from dragon mouth.

Feel the power of Fire entering your body. Go to the west. Hold the pentacle up and draw the invoking pentagram with the sword. Say:

From Naelyan (nail'-yon), ruler of dragons of the west, comes the power of Water, three times blessed.

Feel the power of Water entering your body. Go to the North. Hold up the pentacle and draw the pentagram, then say:

From Grael (grail), ruler of dragons of the north, the power of Earth does now come forth.

Feel the power of Earth entering your body. Return to the altar. lay aside the sword and dragon pentacle. Add the appropriate herbal incense to the burner.

Come Draconis! By your all-consuming breath, I request your presence. (tap staff three times) By your piercing gaze, I call to you. (tap staff three times) By your mighty strength, I call to you. (tap staff three times) By your wisdom ancient and cunning, I call to you. (tap staff three times) By your magick deep and old, I call to you. (tap staff three times) Come, Draconis, to my call!

This is also a good time to ask the dragons for any advice they might have for you. Listen and write down all that you hear.

When finished with the spellworking, tap the staff three times and chant: I thank you, dragons old and wise, of Earth and Fire, Water, Skies, for sharing wisdom here with me. As we will, so shall it be.

Always approach dragons as equals, not as a force to be ordered or conquered. Set the wine chalice on the pentacle. Circle it three times clockwise with the wand and say:

Cup of power, cup of might, dragon magick, be here this night.

Drink the wine (or apple juice or cider), saving some to be poured outside for the dragons later, or, if not possible, leave it on the altar for at least an hour.

Now is an excellent time to chat with dragons and use free-form dancing. invite the dragons to share in the raised energy and your joy in being a magick user. This is an opportunity for close friendships to be forged.

To close the ritual, take the sword in your power hand and go to the east. Draw a banishing pentagram with the sword. (Same as an invoking pentagram, except you start at the top and go downwards to the right side of the star). Say:

Go in peace, dragons of the east, and may you return again in the hour of need.

Go to the south and draw the pentagram, then say:

Go in peace, dragons of the south, and may you return again in the hour of need.

Go to the west and draw the pentagram. Say:

Go in peace, dragons of the west, and may you return again in the hour of need.

Go to the North, draw the pentagram, and say:

Go in peace, dragons of the north, and may you return again in the hour of need.

Return to the altar. Raise both arms; say:

Farewell to you, O dragons fair, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Together we make magick well by power deep and dragon spell. In peace, go now. Return once more to teach me ancient magick and lore. Draconis! Draconis! Draconis!

Cut the circle with a backwards sweep of the sword across the boundary line. Extinguish the altar candles. Clear the altar of all tools.

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