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[SOLVED] Adding bots with ai to custom maps in single player

Custom maps installed into correct folder used chmap command to select map in instant action mode and ......boring bots?
So anyone now how to get the bots moving about when playing a custom map in single player mode they have no ai further than shooting.?
how do you edit the waypoints or is there a way to drop extra bots in that know they are in a capture the flag game and perform as so?


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Axe, please don't post the same question in several threads. That is highly annoying plus it makes it difficult to find where the question actually has been answered via forum search afterwards.

Bots generally don't perform well in game modes requiring any form of movement coordination such as ctf. And they require bot waypoints to have been defined while creating the map. Not all downloadable maps contain those, which will result in bots standing still most of the time. Sadly, bot ai is not very capable of playing ctf...
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