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Clan Arena

Why there is no single Clan Arena server? Clan Arena is most popular in QuakeLive among non-oldschool-quakers - simplest way to play such fast game.

Samual Wrote:Do it yourself, or stop complaining.

vcall ca

Big Grin

(08-12-2013, 11:37 AM)ballist1c Wrote:
Samual Wrote:Do it yourself, or stop complaining.

Majki would have to start complaining in the first place. This isn't very helpful.

Some servers (especially XPM) has CA as a votemode

I was just curious. Clan Arena Dominates in QuakeLive. It's popular among casuals. You don't have to collect anything, no timing of items and so on. Very fun.

Because in Xonotic it is a spamfest. You hit someone 10 times and he is still alive. Impossible to predict the exact amount of shots it takes to finish an opponent. Due to that you cannot plan/foresee attacks and most people become quickly bored if they cannot control the game. You cannot sell that to quakers or anyone else who plays that kind of shooters semi-seriously.

Maybe it's time to introduce weapon switch cooldown penalty Smile

Maybe it is time for a reasonable set of non-redundant weapons which follow strict and easy rules when it comes to behavior, dealing damage and ammo consumption.

hahah yea Smile

[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

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