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Linux/FOSS game awards voting open now

[Image: 52.jpg]

Please have a look at this new Linux and FOSS game promotion effort by a group of gaming news sites:

Voting for the 10 nominated games (January 2014 game of the month award) is open now too:

P.S.: Xonotic isn't included this time... but it is for sure a strong contestant when a new version is released :p

why isn't it included? it's obviously much better than these :p . not saying that these aren't good, but it should have been there Big Grin
[Image: 10253.png]

The Dark Mod is excellent. Probably should win this.

Not allowed to tell you who is in the lead... but it is a close race between several. But yes TDM is pretty nice, although the assets are sadly not fully FOSS (CC-by-NC-SA).

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