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[TLC required] Maps, packs, textures, other stuff in progress I never finished

These have been some efforts on my behalf in the past that I haven't gotten around to finishing that still hold a lot of potential, may serve as inspiration to others. Some of these files are for Nexuiz, most are for Xonotic, some are not mine but just something that could be useful to someone in developing.

I don't want them to go to waste. I've delivered some to fellow developers on IRC but wanted to make them available here for anyone with interest. Please keep credits where credit is due, a lot of these files are collaborations with other mappers, artists, developers, gamers, etc. They should have a CREDIT file.

One the of the most famous is my Mario map that's 90-95% done and includes a song, sounds, models and inspiration from others. The textures were remade by me in GIMP and Inkscape, most sources are available except for one or two where I failed to save the layered version.

Player_2 is working with egyptronex
ShoJi is working on getting something Mario / Super Xonotic Brothers wrapped up, there are multiple versions here where I got carried away with a "skatepark" on one of them. v1r2-test-MESS is the most likely to get working and finished.

I've linked to lolplane and radical proverb in other threads.

aggressor-ctf was one of my first DM to CTF maps, Dokujisan said the middle could be expanded and I agree with him on that.

dorkcity is a fork of darkcity I intended to reskin with one of the GPL texture packs but didn't get too far.

zion_v1_mirror is an extension of zion_beta_3 that needs some serious hint brushes.

ztf was intended to be for hook + CTF

dojo v2 was mostly an effort by MooKow but we worked on dojo v1 and the whole planning process together.

Don't expect these to be ready out of the box, some are parts and pieces. Let me know if I can dig up anything else that might be helpful.

Thank you to everyone that helped me get these files to where they are. I apologize for not getting them wrapped up earlier.

Everything to my knowledge is GPL except for the models by the flag in egyptronex which I copied from facing worlds. I tried contacting the author, who required credit but never explicitly released them under GPL but have not heard back. Feel free to contact me if you need clarity on anything else.

Anyway, gl;hf -- happy holidays!


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