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[SUGGESTION] Some unique ideas about single player level design

There used to be some dicussion about a story based single player campaign design, like this:

But I have some good ideas and it would be helpful to make the game more popular if you release Xonotic on steam.

In my opinion the level should take advantage of Xonotic's unique game mechanics: bunny hopping, skiing, wall jumping, jetpack, grappling hook, laser guided missile...

Example 1: in an infiltration mission the player is required to catch up with a fast moving land vehicle, which moves faster than 360 ups (default ground speed of player). The player must use bunny hopping and skiing to get close, then land on it with grappling hook.

Example 2: in an infiltration mission the player (on the ground when the mission starts) is required to land on a flying airship. The ship has a locked docking bay door which must be destroyed with laser guided missile. Other weapons wont work because hitscan weapons wont do enough damage and non guided weapons can't hit a fast moving and maneuvering target. Then the player is required to jetpack up and land on it with grappling hook.

Example 3: in an assassination mission the player is required to climb along a vertical (use wall climbing) wall to the top of a building to snipe a target with NEX.

Example 4: Chase a fleeing target with bunny hopping and skiing.

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