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[SUGGESTION] Xonstat - additional stats in stats for more stats

I really like XonStat and view it obsessively after matches to try to see what boneheaded thing I did wrong...

One thing I find myself doing all the time is adding up totals for the "Actual Damage" column. It would seem like a trivial thing to add this total automatically rather than forcing me to crack out the flamcalculator?

I know total damage output is nowhere near everything - in fact I regularly get slammed while maintaining a higher output, which leads me to another thing I would like to see even more although I'm guessing it would require changes to the game itself as well; an items pickups table showing how many times each player managed to grab the megas, HP, armour, of different types.

That could be expanded to weapons/ammo/powerups. This would be invaluable info to a noob like myself to figure out how I can increase my strategy efficacy including item control type thoughts on any given map as well as generally. There is only so much info you can glean from pure weapons performance i.e did I not use a particular weapon by choice or was it being controlled away from me? I've found myself in the past tallying up these kinds of figures on paper while watching demos, but that is time consuming and inaccurate.....

What are the technical limitations on that kind of feature add?

Both of these features should be possible soon; total damage tracking and an actual inventory system have been staged in the `pu` branch


Total damage is already possible. It just requires me to aggregate the individual values.

Let me state right away that I have no intention of storing all item pickups and timings in XonStat. That being said, mega item control is something I've wanted for a very long time (and am interested in implementing).
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