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[CTF] Disarray


This is the very first time I make a map (I started to learn NetRadiant in December), so please don't judge me too harshly :p

Disarray is intended to be a simple fast-paced, hectic space CTF map. I was inspired a lot by Skycastle.

Special thanks go to Archer, Mirio & the [BOT] clan for their feedback and for the games they played! Big Grin
I'm open to all suggestions about what's wrong / what could be improved for this map! Smile

Current version:

Some screenshots:
[Image: db8gT8Hl.jpg]
[Image: 1K4UvcIl.jpg]
[Image: uUcvsg6l.jpg]
[Image: XuPAVTLl.jpg]


Space maps = ((

Good Job
[Image: 6963.png]

The vortex ledge is tricky, easy to fail in high speed, but it gives even more emotions. Yey!
Fun map is fun.
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Very decent work there, Spike! The style (geometry and textures) is not outstanding but the layout is good and satisfectory. There are some scale disproportions: For instance doorway behind the flag is too small; the ledge above stairs is too low. Also: the "outside" area (platforms surrounding the whole map) is in much bigger scale then rest of the map, especially the dungeon) Good job with clipping some of the bumpy geometry (I usually forget about clipping myself or overdo it) yet still there is a room for improvement (I am writing about those boxes around the map - they seem to be quite a hurdle for players quickly moving around - they won't pay so much attention to their environment while they are in the center of combat!

Two more words about the dungeon (bottom) part of your creation: Litlle catwalks like the ones you made are currently quite difficult to jump on. There are also some very hard turns you have to make in order to pass through this room (turning like this usually slows the players down so much that it breaks the consistency in their playing experience!)

I am so happy we have another creator! Make awesome maps man!

EDIT: I just realized: You could improve your maps appearance by adding cool panels on the bare concrete walls (check out all exx textures - you might find something suitable there)

Thanks guys!

Thanks a lot for your feedback Justin!
I will work on a V2 release with the improvements you pointed out Smile
The hardest part will be to fix the scale of the dungeon I guess.
Other people also told me about the doorways behind the flag, I guess it's really a good thing to enlarge them then ^^

About the bottom part: I wanted to prevent fast running and thus fast captures through the bottom corridors. That's why I chose this layout, but indeed the scale is weird and the quad room access is complicated.
I added boxes around the map for the same reason: put some obstacles on the way of runners Big Grin But I may remove some of them.

With your feedback and Cortez's one on irc, I have enough work for a month or two! Thanks man! :p

Try adding some variety to the architecture of your design. This might help:
[Image: gates.jpg]
I made those inspired by your doorways.
Last concept (III.) might require some harder brushwork but Im sure you could do it.

Nice work, loading map onto the Kansas vanilla server now.
[Image: 230.png]

Here's a small update of the map (disarray_v1r2):

- fixed the ramps at the flag, so you no longer go "whooosh" when you're about to cap.
- put more red / blue lights on corridors
- put some red / blue colors on the boxes and removed a few ones ^^
- fixed some misaligned textures
- changed the glass texture in the flag base (it's no longer the texture from Solarium)
- enlarged the catwalks at quad
- it's still possible to go to armor without even jumping at the trickjump below (just walk on it), but I made it a bit harder to achieve Sad
- other minor changes

I'm still working on the v2 release, I'm just slow as hell :p
I tried your doorways Justin, I managed to reproduce the third concept Smile
It doesn't look as good as on your screenshot due to the slope of my walls, but you gave me some inspiration!

Progressing nicely, updated map on Kansas.
[Image: 230.png]

Fun map! This is a great map for a mapper-beginner but I would expect a little more from old folk like you, Spike! I am not sure what was the purpose of the map in a first place but it seems that major difference is that you changed layout and style. So let me please comment on these two. Your map doesn't have "The Middle" which is an area where all routes meet or all routes are accessible from. I managed to capture flag with very fast jumping using the "outside" route, which is slightly more friendly to player as it doesn't have hard turnings, low ceilings or boxes on itself (which all can be found in the bottom route). The style is very strange. There is strong, heavy concrete, that creates atmosphere like Museum of Death Camp design ™ (I guess that must have been the outcome of the conversation with the Cortez). Futuristic lights are nice but the map could use some... LIFE. Wink Right now its the architecture designed to scare - with over-scaled concrete walls with small angle like Egyptian temples (but without the color and columns) and small, closed interior parts that seem even scarier.

Unless that was the mood you were aiming for. If that's so, forget everything I just wrote.

Keep it up Big Grin And give others some chance, huh?

Don't worry Justin, this release was just a quick fix for the annoying ramp at flag (plus some other minor fixes) Smile

I will include big layout and style changes on a v2 release.

I already added panels on the concrete walls (it indeed looks less scary this way), improved the doorways (still wip) and even began to change the bottom corridors layout (but that's gonna be tricky :S ).

[Image: Pt9KvVfl.jpg] [Image: r2Bt8m4l.jpg]

I'm just really slow at it because I often do something then undo everything because it didn't look as I expected, then I start something new etc. :p

I think I'll also delete the "outside" routes between Armor and Nex, so you have to turn and run through the middle area (above Quad).

Just wanted to say, I played this map yesterday and it was AWESOME. I wasn't sure if it was a q3 competitive map because the flow was so good. It's like a modern skycastle. Keep it up man!

(03-16-2015, 09:44 PM)-z- Wrote: Just wanted to say, I played this map yesterday and it was AWESOME. I wasn't sure if it was a q3 competitive map because the flow was so good. It's like a modern skycastle. Keep it up man!

Wow, thanks, glad you enjoyed it! Smile

I recently opened this map again in NetRadiant and my eyes started to bleed.

So here's one last release (disarray_v1r3) with the following changes:
  • Huge brush cleanup (around 200 brushes less)
  • Fixed missing & misaligned textures
  • Replaced common/full_clip with common/clip
  • Added bot waypoints
  • Removed unneeded files from the PK3
  • Added a Tuba

Download link in the first post.

One of the few ctf weapons maps I don't mind
[Image: 38443.png]

(02-26-2017, 01:45 AM)SPLAT Wrote: One of the few ctf weapons maps I don't mind

nice one / :-)

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