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XQC #71 (Duel/NA)

Thimo approached me with the idea of us hosting a quickcup for NA players and I thought it was a fantastic idea! There aren't a lot of active NA players, but we think it would be fun! Nothing super serious, just a chance to get some competitive experience during a fun evening with Xonotic. Any and all competitors are welcome!

Quick facts:
- 1v1 Duel (XPM)
- Servers: SMB duel servers
- Timelimit 10, no Fraglimit
- Modus: Single Elimination bracket
- Mappicking: Pick-Pick at Bo3, Pick-Pick-Pick-Pick-Toss-Toss at Bo5 finals
- Mappool: Aerowalk, Fuse, Bloodrun, Stormkeep, Downer, Darkzone, Final Rage
- Date/time: Saturday, May 16th, 2015. 7:30 PM EDT (7:00-7:30 check-in time).
- (CEST time (EU) will be 1:30 AM)
- (AEST time (AU) will be 9:30 AM)
- Admins: thimo, srkdy
- Skill level: any

Just join #smokebreak (IRC QuakeNet) at the given date and time if you want to participate. Show up before 7:30 to check-in to make sure you have a spot in the brackets!

Of course EU players can participate.

[Image: duel.png]
[Image: 2823.png]

Good stuff!
Double Elimination is better for weaker guys though, so they cant meet up in the Lower Bracket instead of just 1 game of rape vs a top player. =)
I have always made Lower Bracket in Bo1, so it does not add too much time.

Some stuff you might want to add to the post:
  • Which Darkzone version is it (Official or QW)?
  • Blood Run a2 or a3? Link to a3 (not on SMB)
  • CEST time (EU) will be 1:30 AM
  • AEST time (AU) will be 9:30 AM

Unfortunately I won't be at home there. Tongue gl hf
[Image: 21.png]
IRC (QuakeNet): #bot.xonotic | #xonotic.pickup | #xonotic | #xonotic.cup
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Wow wheres toxicity
[Image: 38443.png]

Thanks for the input, Mirio! I'll consider double elim, but the goal for this is to be a very quick cup. We'll see how many and who signs up, and design the brackets accordingly. Smile
  • the qw version of darkzone will be used
  • bloodrun a2 will be used as it's the one on the server and the one that we've been playing
  • thanks for the time info!

Quote:Wow wheres toxicity

Where it belongs for now Tongue
[Image: 2823.png]

Lovely map pool, I could be down if people are willing to play in [HUB] Duel - NEW YORK [SMB]

I can play. If there are enough registrants I can stream instead.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

I think I'll spec this one. I'm not feeling too confident in my gameplay at the moment - I can't give the NA crowd good games.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

For once, I'm not working on a Saturday. So if I don't end up going out with friends I can stream. Haven't played in forever so I'll be happy with just watching.
[Image: 29271.png]

<Samual> Everybody better be playing I Wish by Skee-Lo, it is the song of my duels!

The cup starts in 30 minutes. Check in within the next 30 minutes on #smokebreak to reserve your spot!
[Image: 2823.png]

ooh a duel

Aaaaaaand so the tournament is finished. It was very small, competitive event on North American servers, i got some good practice how to handle things and host cups in the future, so a small thing like this was great for me atleast!

It all started with bottom seeds playing, two lower skilled duellers battled it out in a losers-final, thimo vs Vendetta, which I took home with luck after some gruesome moments on fuse and slightly more relaxing downer as my personal favourite! It's good that we had our own small playground of duelling before all those greater games later on.

Two smoke-fellows then left to a supersecret server that i never found so cant say much about it, 2-1 srkdy vs mudkip, in favour of our Canadian SidneyCrosby.

Then one of the bottom seeds (me), faced the absolute favourite SPLAT, who is seeded first. The game looked just like what seeds tells you. Very much dominance from SPLAT, leaving me to only do some lucky shots with nex here and there. SPLAT eventually took fuse and stormkeep home with ease, absolutely decimated his way to the grande finaalee!

Grand final, SPLAT vs srkdy started on fuse, with very tight, evenly matched fights. It was close until the last seconds of fuse, so it was really pleasant to watch. Then they moved to stormkeep and well, SPLAT showed really strong performance with hagar and nex, leaving srkdy no chances to control the map at all and taking the very unofficial title of King of the American Duelling Scene! Congratulations for you, my friend. There is no man, who can challenge this master dueller, he will be the one to beat in any cup to come. We will be hosting more, so prepare!

The end of our very small casually competitive night ended with results of SPLAT being KING, srkdy became second, mudkip third, thimo fourth and Vendetta fifth.

Thanks for our Dynamic Quintet, who showed up and played Smile

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