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[SOLVED] Can't compile my map

I can't seem to compile my map because it never creates a *.bsp. Here's the error log for -single bsp option in NetRadiant.

Here's the map itself:

Setting up
=== running build command ===
"/home/foobar/netradiant-20130630-ubuntu12-x86_64/q3map2.x86_64" -v -connect -game xonotic -fs_basepath "/home/foobar/Xonotic/" -fs_homepath "/home/foobar/.xonotic/" -fs_game data -meta -v "/home/foobar/.xonotic/data/maps/"
threads: 4
Q3Map         - v1.0r (c) 1999 Id Software Inc.
Q3Map (ydnar) - v2.5.17n-git-a7e6001
NetRadiant    - v1.5.0n-git-a7e6001 Jun 30 2013 22:35:59
Your map saw the pretty lights from q3map2's BFG
--- InitPaths ---
VFS Init: /home/foobar/.xonotic//data/
VFS Init: /home/foobar/Xonotic//data/

--- BSP ---
Creating meta surfaces from brush faces
WARNING: Unknown option "-v"
entering scripts/shaderlist.txt
entering scripts/shaderlist.txt (2)
entering scripts/shaderlist.txt (3)
entering scripts/alphamod.shader
entering scripts/common.shader
entering scripts/crystals.shader
entering scripts/decals.shader
entering scripts/effects_beam.shader
entering scripts/effects_forcefield.shader
entering scripts/effects_healpod.shader
entering scripts/effects_item.shader
entering scripts/effects_jumppad.shader
entering scripts/effects_lightning.shader
entering scripts/effects_warpzone.shader
entering scripts/ex2x.shader
entering scripts/exomorphx.shader
entering scripts/exx.shader
entering scripts/facility114invx.shader
entering scripts/facility114x.shader
entering scripts/glassx.shader
entering scripts/liquids_lava.shader
entering scripts/liquids_slime.shader
entering scripts/liquids_water.shader
entering scripts/logos.shader
entering scripts/map_catharsis.shader
entering scripts/map_courtfun.shader
entering scripts/map_darkzone.shader
entering scripts/map_g-23.shader
entering scripts/map_glowplant.shader
entering scripts/map_implosion.shader
entering scripts/map_leave_em_behind.shader
entering scripts/map_lightspeed.shader
entering scripts/map_newtonian-nightmare.shader
entering scripts/map_oilrig.shader
entering scripts/map_silentsiege.shader
entering scripts/map_solarium.shader
entering scripts/map_space-elevator.shader
entering scripts/map_stormkeep.shader
entering scripts/map_techassault.shader
entering scripts/map_xoylent.shader
entering scripts/metaltechx.shader
entering scripts/model_bigfan01.shader
entering scripts/model_crate02.shader
entering scripts/model_desertfactory.shader
entering scripts/model_lightspeed.shader
entering scripts/model_teleporters.shader
entering scripts/model_trak.shader
entering scripts/model_tree.shader
entering scripts/model_walker-static.shader
entering scripts/model_xonotic_jumppad01.shader
entering scripts/narmorx.shader
entering scripts/phillipk1x.shader
entering scripts/phillipk2x.shader
entering scripts/proceduralx.shader
entering scripts/screens.shader
entering scripts/skies_calm_sea.shader
entering scripts/skies_distant_sunset.shader
entering scripts/skies_exosystem2.shader
entering scripts/skies_exosystem.shader
entering scripts/skies_extragalactic.shader
entering scripts/skies_heaven.shader
entering scripts/skies_polluted_earth.shader
entering scripts/stein1x.shader
entering scripts/techpanelx.shader
entering scripts/terrain01x.shader
entering scripts/trak4x.shader
entering scripts/trak5x.shader
entering scripts/trak6x.shader
entering scripts/trak7x.shader
Script file scripts/domination.shader was not found
entering scripts/electro.shader
entering scripts/fireball.shader
Script file scripts/flags.shader was not found
entering scripts/hlac.shader
entering scripts/model-common.shader
entering scripts/onslaught.shader
entering scripts/portals.shader
Script file scripts/pyria.shader was not found
entering scripts/shotgun.shader
entering scripts/spiderbot.shader
entering scripts/teamfx.shader
Script file scripts/tree.shader was not found
entering scripts/tuba.shader
entering scripts/turrets.shader
entering scripts/weapons.shader
entering scripts/monsters.shader
entering scripts/ok_nade_counter.shader
     1286 shaderInfo
--- LoadMapFile ---
Loading /home/foobar/.xonotic/data/maps/
entering /home/foobar/.xonotic/data/maps/
WARNING: Couldn't find image for shader textures/NULL
Connection closed.

Help is highly appreciated!

EDIT: Apparently Spike managed to compile my map so it's probably something wrong with my NetRadiant installation.

I could compile it just fine as well.

I guess this line does not sound good: WARNING: Unknown option "-v"
[Image: 21.png]
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