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Poll: Do you like the momentum being maintained while using teleport
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Hmm, inturesting point, let me elaborate...
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[SOLVED] Maintainable portal velocity (?)

Why the velocity of players should be mantained when they go through normal teleport (we are not talking about warpzones here)? In my opinion it breaks immersion and leaves player confused as he/she leaves teleport and apprears in a new place with high velocity. This makes it much more difficult for players to fully enjoy the level as well as mappers to design maps where teleporter exits are either long corridors or open spaces...Bunny hoping speed is allready super high. I realize that slowing player down is not the best way but usage of teleporters shouldn't come for free.


  • Its bad to hit a wall or fall off the ledge just as you leave teleport

  • Using this feature might have advantages: Leaving tele with high speed lets players reach unreachable parts of space.

which leads to a following QUESTIONS:
  • How possibly could you reduce speed on the teleporter exit to a particular amount?
  • Does any of this make sense to you or its just me.

Teleporters have an option in NetRadiant to not keep speed, one of the spawn flags IIRC (it can be seen in the entity edit menu).
[Image: 230.png]

Where? In the entity properties it says: Note that in Xonotic, teleporters preserve momentum of the player using them.

I like the momentum aspect to teleporters. Please keep it in your maps in the future
[Image: 38443.png]

Sorry, it's the "speed" key in the misc_teleporter_dest entity's properties. Had to download NetRadiant to confirm.
I used this with those SXB levels, doesn't always work, but it'll stop players most of the time.
[Image: 230.png]

Mabye then other solutions, like invisible wall that slows players down a bit, or a vertical brush with water physics at the end/beginning of teleporter... ? Splat: I do agree, It sometimes is fancy but... okey, I will leave it as it is. I guess I will have to rethink the layout a litlle. :/ Mabye I should have done a poll for this.
OK> THE THREAD NOW HAS ITS POLL! Vote now! The future of Xonotic is in your hands! (or something like this)

Did you try setting the speed key to -1 on the misc_teleporter_dest entities? It's supposed to force the player to stop completely when they teleport, exactly what you need(?)
[Image: 230.png]

What I wanted is to SLOW player DOWN a lot: Reducing their speed so they don't bump into anything at the tele exit nor they fall from the ledge (attaching screenie) I don't want to force players to stop. Just particular amount would be fine. Thanks for your help Mario. Thanks to you I know hoiw to do that. I found the "speed" command and probably gonna use it.
[Image: ledge.jpg]

Unless in the poll everyone will be like "NO, dude. We want the speed!". Which seems to be the case. |Mabye I shouldn't have started this topic but rather silently ask on IRC and do it. Now I most likely won't ;/

Another possibly cool option could be to have an impulse field which pulls the player towards the teleporter. Would act as a slowdown field as they leave too if made strong enough.
It would have to be below a certain strength to avoid pulling in walking players though, but if it reaches out far enough, that shouldn't be much of a problem.

Alternatively, it might just be best to not worry about it. Players in a duel are unlikely to run into that wall, and even those who don't know what to expect can often react quickly enough to strafe to the side before crashing.
If a player wanted to stop when leaving the portal, they could just release jump button anyway.

Also, there are a lot of maps which use the speed key effectively without completely stopping the player (namely race maps), it could still be of great use here if you choose to use it.
[Image: 230.png]

I think the poll is not useful, as the decision totally depends on the map. Maintaining the entering speed when exiting a teleport is very useful in some maps (for example: hydroxon) and is an expected behavior. I would be totally against changing that. Then again it may cause unwanted effects in other maps - I'd propose to just limit the maximum exit speed of the teleport in such a map then.
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Instead of reducing speed, which seems to be disliked, you could try to change the angle of the exit.
But if someone gets to know a map, they will most likely slowdown theirself not to bump in there. Can you even gain so much velocity that you jump out of the exit that far? Smile

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Damn it, Mirio. Have I told you how briliant you are? This thread is basically anwsered. I'm happy for the responses and happy that the problem can be easily dealt with. I guess I should stop making problems where there is none.

On the side note: Have you guys (mappers) ever tried to fly through the teleport or a warpzone inside the editor? I find it particulary funny... I guess it takes a special kind of person to believe that this could work and being totaly confused when it doesn't.

I think it's more annoying when teleporters slow you down and I know because that happens a lot anyway when you're playing on high ping. Sometimes I can't make the telejump on Fuse near the lava 50a, because I enter the teleporter brush and there's too much delay that I hit the solid part of the structure too which pretty much puts me on full stop before I exit the teleporter, this of course happens more commonly in Aerowalk. That kind of behavior is annoying and it breaks the control you have on your speed. If it slowed your down on purpose like in Q3/CPM, it would be more consistent, yes, but I'd personally hate that just as much.

Hmm. That brings up another interesting point. Thanks for mentioning it Smilecythe. The solution would be making teleporter model not solid at all.

Also, is this thread partially a hint of a new duel map from you?


IMO, portals (and maybee warpzones) should have a velocity ultiplayer wich will alow scaling player velocity to stop, slow, keep as is and even maybe accelerate the player.
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