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[SOLVED] Little resolution issue since using Xonotic 0.8.1

Hello folks,

since I am using a crappy old iMac (playing on windows 7), I like to play with a lowered resolution to gain some extra fps. Since the latest update to version 0.8.1, however, the client I used before (xonotic-wgl) doesn't stretch the resolution to the display (native 1920x1200) anymore, resulting in quite a tiny fullscreen mode.
I have searched for related commands with "apropos resolution" and "apropos stretch" Big Grin , tried some out, didn't change anything, messed with all the menu video settings, nothing.
The other clients I got are
- xonotic-x86
- xonotic-x86-dedicated
- xonotic-x86-wgl.
All of those give me a weird looking console with an error message right at start. I noticed, however, that the resolution is indeed stretched at least at xonotic-x86.
Anyone knows what this is about?

Thanks a lot in advance

Can't confirm, but vid_netwmfullscreen might have something to do with it.
[Image: 230.png]

Thanks for the super-fast reply, man. I tried toggling that cvar on and off, but nothing noticable happened :/

You will need to do vid_restart (r_restart might not cut it), simply toggling it won't update the renderer.
[Image: 230.png]

I know that most of the vid* cmds need vid_restart, but it changed nothing after that either.
Maybe something in the update process went wrong and I should reinstall the whole damn thing after backing up my config? Big Grin#

update: lol yeah, that worked.

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