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[SUGGESTION] weapon/ammo spawning

it seems to me that the weapon/ammo spawning system has been causing problems when it coms to adding new ammo/weapon types.

So i did a little thinking into a new system that would make changing maps easier in the future.

the idea is to have a single spawn point type that you place on maps. once that is done, then you can define what weapon or ammo type that spawn point spawns in the map info.

for example, a map has 5 spawn points.

sp1 spawn Xon
sp2 spawn RL
sp3 spawn electro
sp4 spawn ammo(Rockets)
sp5 spawn ammo(energyCells)

and if at one point the map maker decided he didn't want the rl and wanted the mortar instead, he could make it

sp1 spawn Xon
sp2 spawn mortar
sp3 spawn electro
sp4 spawn ammo(Rockets)
sp5 spawn ammo(energyCells)

and you could add comments to indicate where the spawn point on the map is.

sp1 spawn xon #spawns in the center of the top corridor.
(probably not correct syntax, but you get the idea)

also, maybe it could also be used to control other things like time, the amount of ammo a weapon spawns with, respawn time of the weapon, etc. obviously there would be a default value if nothing is set.

the idea of this would be to make it easier to make changes in the future. like if another weapon is added, you can just add it into the place where the weapon data is, and change the mapInfo to tell it to spawn that weapon on one or 2 spawn points. maybe map makers could add more spawn points than they are planning on using, just in case.

you could also do this while making the map. spawn points would be easy to be added and moved around, and you could define what it spawns on the spawn point itself, and when you compile the map it would detect this and auto assign it in the mapinfo.

^this I am less sure about, as i have not done any mapping. I'm sure it's possible, but not how difficult it would be.

anyway, the idea would be to make future changes easier, in terms of any added weapons, or even just balancing.

sp1.spawn=1 (1=active spawn point, 0 =inactive)
.....spawnEntity= xon
.....respawnTime=5 (0=weaponStay)

just brainstorming Smile
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I don't get it... this is already the way it works, no?
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Yeah, that's how it works already, but when I read the original post here is how I interpreted it(not the correct interpretation BTW -_- ):

When a player spawns at a spawn point, the mapper can designate the weapons the player will spawn with, e.g. the player spawns at the top of the "building," he spawns with a nex and ammo. Player spawns in the hallway in the building, he spawns with the Crylink and ammo. You get the idea, that would be a cool gametype mutator...and would create some interesting strategy...especially if weapons were removed from the map.

Already possible, use target_items for this.
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