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Server SSD vs HDD

I use to try to get a SSD server before but never really had any benchmarks if the SSD makes any difference in running several Xonotic servers.

I'm wanting to get a more powerful server but the SSD ones are always back ordered from OVH SYS and the same ones but with a HDD are usually available.

Has anyone done any performance tests with having say 4+ servers on the box.
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I ran two servers on the same instance with SSD, both recording demos; I'm also serving maps via http on the same server. My players reported packet losses so I turned off one server. They say the situation is improved.

However, SPLAT got some players back to the scene and a North America pickup server is in need again, so I'll probably disable the demo recording and see whether two instance on one server work well.

The server is single core, 1G ram. But memory consumption is minimal.

Well most of my servers were always E3 3.2/3.4 32GB and SSD and handled several Xon instances no problem. I had my vehicle server on there which was quite busy at the time with up to 20 players on, the CRA server which was getting up to 25 players on and was hosting EAC on there too and hosting all the maps on the same server. With the vehicles it would bring the CPU to 50-60% and load was about 1-1.5 but that's with 8 cores so not big deal this was from OVH France.

This time I have a i5/HHD/16GB and the CPU goes fairly high since the buff system on the servers goes up. I want to upgrade to E3 1245v2 4 c/ 8 t 3.4 GHz+ 32 GB 2 x 2 TB SATA but not sure if I should wait fro an SSD version to be available as they're sold out and they have a $69 set up fee per each server so would suck to get a HHD one and then find out I have to upgrade again.
[MoFo] Servers - North America - Hosted in Montreal Canada - Admin DeadDred [MoFo]

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