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8 Craziest Guns In Video Games

My favorite is unicorn who fires rainbows from his ass Big Grin haaha

metsu ZeRoQL (Stats) - <@nifrek> true, I guess in tdm you also dont always have your perfect choice of weapon, especially when ZeRoQL is controlling nex Dodgy
KILLING X ZONE - Xonotic community movie


Where's Crylink?

It's not crazy.

Whats missing is F***ing Tuba!
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

Ah. Exactly!

I'm surprised at the selection of weapons they put on there as crazy as they are. The cerbral bore was one I instantly knew would hit the list, but I didn't see too much crazy outside of that.

Oh wait.

I think they would have had better lists if they separated "crazy" from "creative".

For example,
Mr. Toots = crazy
Portal gun = creative

Imo it's odd to find those two on the same list.

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