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[XR] Xonotic Records server -- flag cap records auto-posted to YouTube

Today I'd like to announce a new server, [XR] Xonotic Records, which is now in public alpha.

I created this server because I really like what packer was doing with the XDF records and wanted something similar for Capture The Flag.

It works by recording server-side demos, then passing those off to another server for processing. If a flag record is found, it will record a "clipped" demo in a headless Xonotic client and then upload the video to YouTube.

This is only a few days in development, so I do expect some bugs but as they surface, I plan on addressing them.

So if you would please be so kind as to try out the server, I'd appreciate the additional stress-testing.

IRC: #xonotic.records

You can checkout the YouTube Channel here.

The source code is available here.

Please be aware records will be wiped every week or two (undecided as of yet).

Server Etiquette
- Please be respectful other players and encourage each other
- If another player grabs a flag before you, let the capture before grabbing theirs (if you're on opposite teams)
- Be polite to players unfamiliar with speed captures and offer to teach them the ropes if you can


- Added new maps including a few VERY large (mikeeusa) maps

- The server can now process demos faster by running encoding jobs in parallel
- A few more maps were added



(02-22-2016, 04:41 AM)Smilecythe Wrote: player 1 though Tongue

If you're talking about the meta information, getting the player name is more difficult than you'd expect. That's a work in progress. It requires an engine patch.

Fantastic job, -z-! Perhaps this can be useful for the new cups?

Yes BuddyFriendGuy, I've been working on extending this idea to make it more abstract.

Recording demos in full in the current state is sort of a hack at best.

To address the problem differently, Mario was kind enough to help with the game code side of things in the smb modpack to enable what we've dubbed "moments".

Players will be given N "snaps" per match. Each "snap" inserts a commented string into the demo. The encoder will then search for these strings and parse go record from some point in time before the "snap" based on rules for that string.

An example would be to give players 3 snaps, that would create 30 second moments. Because this was implemented abstractly, we have a huge opportunities.

In addition to snaps/moments, we now have comments inserted at the start and end of a match. So encoding demos that follow these rules will become much easier to parse reliably.

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