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[SUGGESTION] Two issues I want some thoughts on

#1: Spawn delay not working because you were bunnyhopping whilst killed. This happens essentially every time you were running away with your jump key held down, because even if you hold it for more than 1 millisecond longer after dying - you will spawn automatically when the minimum respawn duration is over. My proposal for the spawn system is to ignore the jump key until the minimum respawn time is over so that this wouldn't unintentionally happen. Then if you wanted to spawn as fast as possible, you'd be simply holding the jump key and the respawn system would acknowledge the request only after the minimum duration is over.

#2: Aircontrol for +forward turning and +back turning aren't equal. For some reason +back is less free to turn around with. You can test this by turning around a corner/pillar or something with +forward (forwards) and then do the same turns with +back (backwards). It won't be difficult because of "going backwards and not seeing where you're going", it's difficult because the turning capability is simply not the same. While I'm already displeased by the fact that fwd/back keys behave differently than left/right, I find it even more disturbing that fwd/back by themselves behave differently from each one's counterpart. The inconsistency in Xonotic movement is one of it's kind, with a total of 4 different air control rules, whereas Nexuiz by comparison had only 1 air control rule.

#1 I totally agreed with.
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#1 I totally agree also.

I also agree with #1. If the vote passes that I initiated in the team channel, it will be added as a feature request ticket.

I actually also agree to your reasoning regarding #2, but I'd like to get to know the reasons for the different implementation too. Could someone explain why it is implemented like that? I don't understand why you would artificially restrict backwards movement when it is already hard to move into a direction that you can't see...
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There doesn't appear to be any reason for #2, besides simplified implementation. I've added an option to the physics configs (sv_aircontrol_backwards, off by default) to allow it.

#1 should be fixed now, it was caused by the fix for staying dead indefinitely in duel.
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(09-26-2016, 04:02 AM)Halogene Wrote: Could someone explain why it is implemented like that? I don't understand why you would artificially restrict backwards movement when it is already hard to move into a direction that you can't see...
Simply overlooked. Many aFPS has this issue where movement is being tested out based on how convenient it is to move forwards. While it's not that important when going from point A to point B (race/defrag) it actually kinda is in combat. Even with backwards now on it's way to be fixed or already fixed, there would still be a total of 3 different air control behaviors in Xonotic - with a tint of bias towards moving forwards.

My solution would be to give forward and backwards the same behavior as left and right. This would mean there would be only 2 air control behaviors:

- Q3 esque aircontrol: less air control - more acceleration (when steering with two movement keys)
- Quakeworld esque aircontrol: more air control - less acceleration (when steering with one movement key)

This would mean that moving forwards is slightly harder, but it would in turn make sideways movement more consistent with rest of the movement. This would also make movement easier to learn in my opinion.

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