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/v/ Server(s)

A forum thread for whatever updates regarding it, and a place for feedback if anyone would like to throw in their opinion. Previously whatever updates noted were insular, but it gets some general public traffic enough that I think those interested deserve some information.

XonStats Page(s): Offered Game Modes:
  • Team Deathmatch (+ XPM)
  • Capture the Flag (+ XPM+XDF)
  • Race CTS (XDF)
  • Freeze Tag
  • Keepaway
  • Duel
  • Free-for-all Deathmatch
Special Vote Commands (vhelp)
+smile-physics // enables special physics designed by Smilecythe; available only in XPM. It is by default active in XPM CTF.
-smile-physics // resets to default physics

+komier-weapons // enables special weapons balance designed by Komier; available only in XPM.
-komier-weapons // resets to default weapon balance

+bots // spawns bots on the server
-bots // despawns bots on the server

+duel // enforces two-player limit for dueling; is not the same as the endmatch vote screen's duel option
-duel // lifts two-player limit

+xpm  // enables XPM balance

Map Curation
Added on recommendation.

Race CTS: primarily strafe and slick maps

Team/FFA/1v1 Deathmatch: newest Xon Forums duel maps, Q3/CPM ports, and some not easily categorizable. Reflex Arena maps are coming soon.


IRC: QuakeNet,

Observed Pings (Pacific)
West Coast & TX, US          30 - 70 ms  
Midwest, US & BC, Canada:    60 - 80 ms
East Coast, US:              90 - 130 ms
NZ/AUS:                      180 - 220+ ms (180 was an NZ guy)
Europe:                      180 - 230+ ms
South America:               200 - 230+ ms

Bots (new!)

.jpg   wtfbots.jpg (Size: 40.67 KB / Downloads: 120)
Bots have been given waypoints for map ports that previously did not provide them. Additionally, some (as they have different parameters per name) been tweaked to ideally be tougher in order not to be a liability in team modes where they function best as fill-in for uneven teams.

Some bots have been named after past server regulars to honor the time spent on the server. These bots will generally be stronger and are set to mirror the playstyles of the respective players (as best bots are capable).

What is this <month> duel event I keep seeing on the MOTD?
Ladder-based, self-scheduled, per-month context structure for organizing duels between players. This isn't an event I run myself, but the server is offered for duelists looking to set up a related duel.

(06-06-2017, 01:34 AM)Antares* Wrote: Some bots have been named after past server regulars to honor the time spent on the server. These bots will generally be stronger and are set to mirror the playstyles of the respective players (as best bots are capable).
Just want to give you a thumb up for the humor. Smile

And of course, thank you for your great server!

Kudos to you. I think the usual person out there instead takes offense to my brand of humor.

Server News:

- Connection disturbances in the past 1-2 weeks
Apologies if it has disrupted any matches.

- New work-in-progress map available, bmn1_b3
This is a map explicitly designed for duel that may show up in the Deathmatch maplist, but it is not recommended for FFA/Deathmatch.


- Web CTS Leaderboards updating to be resumed
http://<game server ip>:15000/cgi/cts
The records have been outdated for a while.

- Another new map (that hasn't been played in Xonotic)
Vague for now so it can be a surprise.

Server news:

- New East Coast server
This server is a clone of my configuration. Like others, it is hosted and maintained by another admin.

- New work-in-progress map available, antares-dm1_b1

This map is designed for Duel and Team Deathmatch. Features warpzone insanity and anti-personnel force fields.

Some more player testimonials & memorable quotes regarding bots.

Sep 12 19:25:22 <v-eastern>    <SPLAT❈> THIS FUCKIGBN SAWA BOT

Sep 17 06:59:10 <v-pacific>    <Unregistered Player> like the bots?
Sep 17 06:59:29 <v-pacific>    <?> yes very strong godlike?
Sep 17 06:59:37 <v-pacific>    <Unregistered Player> they're more customized than that
Sep 17 06:59:46 <v-pacific>    <?> i can see that
Sep 17 07:02:09 <v-pacific>    <?> for practice i have downloaded few of this maps but bots stay still when i create a server in loop mode, is ther a way to have bots moving?
Sep 17 07:02:29 <v-pacific>    <Unregistered Player> a lot of custom maps are missing bot waypoints

Sep 17 07:29:39 <v-pacific>    <Unregistered Player> good game
Sep 17 07:29:48 <v-pacific>    <Unregistered Player> do you play deathmatch to try and get better?
Sep 17 07:29:56 <v-pacific>    <?> es

Sep 21 18:32:30 <v-pacific>    <thimoe> CMON bot
Sep 21 18:32:32 <v-pacific>    <thimoe> stole everything
Sep 21 18:32:32 <v-pacific>    <thimoe> lol
Sep 21 18:33:31 <v-pacific>    <Antares★ from America> good game
Sep 21 18:33:33 <v-pacific>    <Antares★ from America> :-) / nice one @ 17:17 / 2:43
Sep 21 18:37:40 <v-pacific>    + join: ?
Sep 21 18:38:19 <v-pacific>    + join: Rudi33
Sep 21 18:38:35 <v-pacific>    + join: Schrodinger's Cat
Sep 21 18:39:19 <v-pacific>    <thimoe> i hate that bot
Sep 21 18:39:21 <v-pacific>    <thimoe> kick forever
Sep 21 18:40:40 <v-pacific>    - part: ?
Sep 21 18:41:15 <v-pacific>    <Antares★ from America> good game
Sep 21 18:41:16 <v-pacific>    <Cannon Fodder> good game

Sep 21 18:41:37 <v-pacific>    - part: Rudi33
Sep 21 18:41:56 <v-pacific>    <thimoe> these bots drives me mad
Sep 21 18:42:01 <v-pacific>    <Antares★ from America> oh?
Sep 21 18:42:11 <v-pacific>    tdm_toxicity has begun (9 free slots); join now: xonotic +connect
Sep 21 18:42:16 <v-pacific>    <thimoe> steals everything :D

Sep 21 18:45:42 <v-pacific>    <Unregestered Player> >spawnfragged by ai

Sep 22 19:27:47 <v-pacific>    <NOOBIE> UR BOTS KEEP TKAING MY QUAD
Xonotic exists for a long time and low player count is the proof that nobody wants to play Xonotic since it is a bad game by default.
- Lyberta, 2017

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