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Texture release thread

Hi I'm realeasing some textures under the GNU-GPL v3 CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0. (I hope its liberal enough for you to make use of it)
Tell me what you think or maybe you got a cool idea you want me to turn into a texture. (sketch mby?)
I'll keep releasing textures here as they happen or you could also release them here if you'd like to have a place for that.
(there is also an experimaental gold texture where I tried applying an envmap to the glossy part but idk)

Download Testmap (cubes.bsp):

[Image: tYZWSG6.jpg]
[Image: vDaN6rI.jpg]
[Image: sUB1Efn.jpg]
[Image: EPDuFWe.jpg]

More screenshots:

Very nice.

I'd say add CC BY-SA 4.0+ as another license option and upload to

That would be perfect.

Would be nice to have some colour choices for those glowy textures, so you could colour code them for bases in team modes. Other than that, looks like a very compact set!

These look great!

Would you mind uploading the test map as well?

Seconding Smilecythes point. I think we could include the textures into the maps repository even.
[Image: 21.png]
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Thanks for the feedback. Big Grin

@Lyberta: License is now CC-BY-NC-SA 4.
@Smilescythe & Mirio: Different colors are definetly on my todo-list.
@-z-: Here you go:

Bumpitybump. LOL
Anyways made color variants to the texture. It's easier than I thought. Here's a screenshot of my texture program showing the different colors (and how easy it is - any requests?).
So color requests are easy and shape requests are just as easy. The original plan with that texture was to have a lava-look-alike and maybe later have a map full of textures that look familiar but aren't.

To make stuff easier I switched over to my github for textures.

[Image: W7ZWULu.png]

Other things that would be handy for this set:

- Different trims for stairs and ledges
- Different door textures
- Versions of those glowy textures without the glow
- Rocks for terrain

Nice! Thanks for the input. I agree in all points.

Also I've found this thread: texture wish list
Maybe I'll start working through it.

FYI this set was more meant to give you an idea on what's possible (pic1 left of crosshair) and to get an idea how textures will actually look like ingame.


Thats the textureset I made for my latest modern_loo map:
[Image: oZQVSpc.jpg]
[Image: iqH6wuq.jpg]
[Image: zr00d4B.jpg]

gpl v3 included if thats the right one

tried to emulate pbr's metalness/roughness shading

Thank you! Very cool looking!

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