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[NEED HELP] Add Bots using Console in Xonotic

Can I add bots to a running local Xonotic game?
`addbot` apparently is a command that should exist in quake3 but doesn't seem to exist in Xonotic:
If it is impossible to add bots to a running game, could somebody explain why not (or why it is possible in other games with idtech3-based engines)?

Xonotic is based on quake 1, not 3. You can search for existing commands/cvars/aliases here. You can use either bot_number or minplayers (also minplayers_per_team if running autobuild/git).
[Image: 30381.jpg]

<packer> when i see martin-t's name my blood pressure increases

<[BOT]Hоtdоg> anyone here lives near martin?
<[BOT]Hоtdоg> will pay monies for shooting him

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