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[NEED HELP] Keybindings not recognized when using the SDL launcher

I'm using Xonotic 0.8.2 on Arch linux installed from the repositories.
When I use the SDL launcher, there are several keys that aren't recognized but are recognized with the GLX launcher. So far, I have noticed:
  • Mouse wheel tilting (on GLX is recognized as MOUSE4 and MOUSE5) Using xev (the X event tester) they seem to be recognized by linux as button 6 and button 7
  • º key (under the Esc key, spanish keyboard layout) The GLX menu doesn't draw the key, but in the config.cfg appears as bind º "toggleconsole" and the key works in game. Using xev (the X event tester) it seems to be recognized by linux as keycode 49 (keysym 0xba, masculine)
I don't use the GLX launcher because it seems to have issues with pulseaudio, sometimes in game the audio stops until I restart the game.
Just in case it's important, it's not a fresh install, I have changed my compoter components but I have kept the hard disks and I have not reinstalled the OS nor Xonotic.

Any ideas on what may be happening?

By the way, any ideas on the GLX issues with the audio?

The issue may be related to Darkplaces Bug #133 although in that bug the mouse buttons are recognized (but with a different ID), here in SDL they aren't.

I tried the autobuild package, not the one generated by misc/tools/rsync-updater but an Arch package that gets the code from rsync://, and, at least the mouse problem persists.

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