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havac balance for nexuiz

these weapons are now meat grinders of doom

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wait, so noone wats to say what they think about it?

If this is what I think it is (low _refire, _ammo and _animtime), this has been done and redone before.
(not sure if there's anything else, you sent your config.cfg which contains much more config than needed... anyone executing this in default circumstances will override their own configurations including keybinds, player options and graphics)

and maybe you could provide some clues on what one will find out in your config...

Or make a proper config not called config.cfg and containing only the actual changes you want it to contain.

hm, ok, and how would one do that?

Put the cvar changes you want into a file with a .cfg extension...
.cfg files are console scripting files: when executed, every line of the cfg is executed in turn in the console.

oh? ok, so how do you excecute them?

With the "exec" console command...
exec blah.cfg

This is the same config you posted, with only the weapon cvars in it. Called weps.cfg so use exec weps.cfg to use on your local copy. I don't know eactly which ones you changed and which you didn't, but this CFG will not have a lasting effect on someone's game.

About the settings: a good beginning but not yet enough to crash a server or any of the connected clients :p

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"Yes, there was a spambot some time ago on these forums." - aa

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