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[NEED HELP] Player models. Import to blender, export to xonotic.

Please consider provide links on files or helpful information (i have read gitlabs guides like 'Blender to IQM' and 'sauerbraten' site but still have questions)
  • 1. Import iqm (base for a model which you want to port) model to blender and which script you are using?
Quote:I searched all over around internet and found a lot of these, most of them give errors when i try to import, or when model is exported there's simple just armature without any mesh data, or it doesn't writes assigned materials into .iqe file. (yes i checked armature and mesh export in settings of exporter) 
  • 2. When you are making new mesh/armature, if there's limits for engine of xonotic, like maximum count of polygons, bones for armature, size of textures and etc?
  • 3. If i change armature how to import animations in blender and edit so it wouldn't be looks too freaky?
  • 4. How to use several materials for a model and change effects like shadeless, fullbright and etc for textures?
  • 5. Export.
Quote:Is there some tricky part with iqe, iqm? Because when i try to export, iqm script creates 200 kb file which can't be opened in any model viewer and just invisible in game. When i try to go iqe way, with exporting mesh and all animations separately 1 by 1, changing material data (animations smh doesn't containt it) in every .iqe, and creating .bat file to use iqm.exe '.iqe to .iqm converter' it doesn't creates anything.
  • 6. Which files of a model should be in xonotic data folder at the end of porting?
Thanks for your attention Heart Exclamation

I don't know much about iqm , but maybe this will help you:
Heart Heart  С наилучшими пожеланиями! Heart Heart


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